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  1. Stripping The Gurus

    Yes, it's quite a silly point of view and refuses to inspect it's own limits, which is part of good science, there is only the ordinary dude, with his or her hard wiring, (brain and body)and anything other that that must be fraud, deceit or self-deceit. It becomes increasingly fundamentalist, un-cultured (in other words completely ignorant and even contemptuous of anything other than blunt logical arguments for Any human activity) and evangelical, even more than that, taken to it's own conclusion any activity that would move beyond secular attainments would be taboo and ultimately illegal. As has already happened in some countries
  2. Stripping The Gurus

    Appeals to the adolescent anti-authoritarian, anti-guru lobby, quite a big niche market now, must say this gentleman shows no balance in his reports what so ever, he has a particular vehemence for Ken Wilber for instance, he is a cultural buffoon in many ways. Collects only negative reports which is his niche and serves them up tabloid style, quite effective for his purpose which is a mockery of anything Guru ( with the large G) or anyone who claims to stand above or represent anything other than the usual boring, limited, secular, egalitarian, safe vantage point.
  3. The fundamental difference with the Taoist and some of the Tantric schools in relation to bypassing the genital orgasm in favour of greater more subtle or expansive orgasm and or cultivation of higher energy states, is there is no "puritanical" motives, no problem with sexuality or pleasured states in general. The other point men may notice is the tremendous sense of personal power in being able to control ejaculation at all, since all men know how powerful the urge itself is. Once this is seen or demonstrated to the self, a lot more may become clear, it's an impossible psychological hurdle in some sense, perhaps peculiar to men. Anyone may experiment with this to see if it is true or not, not the sort of thing that need be theorised about too much or to become obsessed about.
  4. Hi Markern, I apologise for that comment, made in a moments frustration. If i can talk to you straight. I have been in this position many, many times and it becomes quite tedious, a little like sitting at a table of life time meat eaters, on hearing they have a "vegetarian" at the table, may remark in unison "Where do you get your protein?" You or a friend may be able to relate to this. These days mostly reply- "I DON'T GET ANY PROTEIN !" This usually stops any further conversation on the topic. Can you feel the tedium of it from my position? It's fundamentally an unwinnable argument from my corner, if I defend, then I am a monster for supporting such acts, which further alienates me from the group. So I am not going to do that. It also just leads to more of the same, you will happily post more allegations up there. I am using this forum mostly for my own study, not to debate over my allegiances. However the Achilles heel of the devotee, is in his or her loyalty to the Teacher. Hence if you attack my Teacher I may protest as I did, perhaps foolishly now, I may wish I had just "copped it sweet" and not much else would have been said. Like I said I have debated this subject dozens and dozens of times with sometimes very skilled people and it never leads to a satisfactory outcome. This occasion can be no different, so its up to you to drop it or go on with it. In peace
  5. Yes, you are quite right, no point what so ever. Of course, I would like to kick your pompous ass from here to humility, but these days I am more a lover than a fighter, so will allow your inflated ego to be as it is.
  6. Hi Markern, I have been a student of Adi Da Samraj and remain so, if you wish to have a "civil" conversation on this matter feel free to do so.
  7. India's Top Guru is Fake Perv

    Hi, yes you may as well say this about anyone who claims paranormal skills, including many of the Taoist practitioners here, or associated with this forum. Which is fine if you apply this across the board. Perhaps it's true they are all frauds con-men or self deceivers. Years of attempts at scientific testing of yogi's for instance, never leads to anything conclusive, there is a youtube doc where a sadhu is locked up in a controlled environment and does not eat or drink or urinate ( for several weeks? I think) still they think he may be smuggling food in, or the control is not good enough, bottom line it's never conclusive to the scientific mind or attitude that is already "prejudicial"
  8. India's Top Guru is Fake Perv

    What is that supposed to mean Drew? I'm not with you? You will find the demonizing lobby just as ignorant, compassion less and obsessed as the proponents, it's like a war with idols, caricatures, not real people.
  9. India's Top Guru is Fake Perv

    Hard to say what is going on with Sathya Sai Baba, he may well be up to something in the Tantric area, never take what the "victims" say 100% true, the lack of discrimination expressed and let's sign petitions is knee jerk, herd mentality, maybe he has not gone passed the need for orgasm and has played out homo-erotic tendencies, mostly harmless stuff in the long run. The first report I read about his tantric practice, was so thick with judeo christian sex as evil, Sai Baba as devil, supposedly fellating a young man and removing the semen to rub on one of the "pagan" idols out the back of his complex. (the book was called something like " Lord of all the air " circa 1976/7) Whats up with the anti Indian anti Hindu prejudice, is that a Buddhist Taoist thing or just personal opinion, or more like a catholic / protestant -karma rooted perception.
  10. Hi Bobby, nothing there changes my opinion and I took the time to read it, it's just personal opinion and conjecture, could be anyone's blog or similar, no real wisdom, truth, brilliant originality or even spiritual utility. No offense intended
  11. Not meaning to be unkind, but the author you mentioned is completely deluded (if he believes what he is saying)and is writing complete B.S a sort of modern theosophy. Any one can take a look and see if this is not the case. A man gets a cult following and can write anything "as true" he is not confessing an opinion but apparent fact, nothing wrong with that unless it gets taken seriously and then nonsense gets passed to others and it never ends. A link to one of his books below. If it is taken in the vein of the Da Vinci Code and similar novels, then there can be a creative and fun enjoyment of the "mystery schools" and similar but not to be taken seriously as any sort of wisdom or direction for life practice. Just wanted to add that I have nothing personal against this man and wish him all the best as with those who choose to believe him My link
  12. Long Term Hedonism and Religion

    No, the man I mentioned was just speaking at a public event, it caught my attention, I am sure someone here would know more about than me. Here is a quote from the internet, it seems quite common
  13. Long Term Hedonism and Religion

    will pay that! For sure, I see the pure Buddhist method as a compassionate one. Not long ago a Tibetan Lama visiting said in public, he was unsure if reincarnation was true or not, and was not concerned about it, he said belief was not necessary, I thought that was already the case in Buddhism? One thing I like about Taoism, at least how it is often presented, is it is life positive and sex positive, these are not seen as problems It takes real account of the bodily condition, as does some of the yoga schools. It is a love of the incarnate life force.
  14. Long Term Hedonism and Religion

    Hi Ryan, you may find aomeone who knows their Buddhist logic to address your point, though my view of pure Buddhist logic is that it is desire itself, that is seen as the root problem. Which is the search for pleasure (that's any desire including the desire for more subtle or expanded pleasures) As I pointed out earlier most of the (genuine) Wise gave the search for pleasure and attainments a good kicking, and found that all conditional effects (even those attained by meditation and spiritual practice) were at best temporary (or all that is less than enlightenment) It is not really a moral issue ( right or wrong) it's whether it is true or not. Is it true ? Is there any real utopia, gross or subtle, an endless unbroken pleasured state ? -- *Or even a reasonable state of more or less -ok conditions+ -- [ note yes there is it's called middle class ( or higher) living] "Winters cold always follows summers heat" is a famed quote (or it may be the other way around) none the less, it is evident to any realist that it will never be utopia here, no matter how evolved the planet gets with pleasurable technology and so forth- there will always be something lacking, because that is the nature of that which is "conditonal" --it changes-- or as a teacher (jokingly) once put it, "we search for what is eternal, in what is temporal".
  15. Long Term Hedonism and Religion

    No I tend to allow people to make this choice with no problem or superiority about it, people make these choices because they (we) feel it is necessary. If a person has a greater sensitivity or urge to move beyond this they may be able to do so. No I find very little that moves me in conventional Buddhism, the cessation of desire, seems to be the fire-hose method. Put-it-out ! put-it-out!-- before it becomes action. I understand why this compassionate means and way is taught and respect those who practice. I guess this is what you are pointing to, the possibility is more in line with Taoism with its concept of an "immortal body" of bliss, you may be interested to know (or already do know) that some aspirants of Kundalini Yoga, one sect in particular aspire to this also, very similar, except they use different concepts but definitely transmutation of sex energy. This is more about descending into bodily life, or bodily immortalization rather than the absolute absence of body found in pure Buddhism and Advaita. In those schools the body is almost ignored or at least given little attention, whereas in the yoga's and Taoist practice it is very much taken into account. In many ways my heart belongs there as well However, there are 2 things here, evolutionary and esoteric growth (via yoga's and Taoist practice, among others) and the absolute Transcendental principal. Or you could say spiritual (esoteric) and Transcendental, oddly the greatest of the Sages say one does not necessarily lead to the other but I believe both are necessary ( so if you ask what I believe, I say both are absolutely necessary but the Absolute Transcendental principal is senior, always.)