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  1. Wow how excellent, this is indeed exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton!
  2. Hey Tau bums. I havent posted here in years, but I have just recently discovered that I somehow lost my downloaded xy2 sitting meditation file that I got years ago off some guy around here. Anyway, I rather enjoyed listening it, especially the music. Does anyone around here know where I could still find this file or at least the same music track? I assume the music wasnt original work of the speaker guy. Anyway please help me somehow, Sam
  3. Entheogens

    dude if your curious about tripping then do it. you may have a wild and rough time but at the end of it it all comes into crystal clarity and is quite touching. I have had many "spiritual" experiences because of the divine little ones and such
  4. So I was doing a standing still, embrace the tree type meditation posture and as I went through the steps of mantak chia-style microcosmic circulation, I would start to feel a buzzing, tingling sensation, like a low grade electric current, so low so as to be quite pleasent feeling. Then I would feel a rush of heat bubbling up into my head. The heat would cause the whole circulatory system up there to thud and thump. Again this all subjectivly felt refreshing and nice. then the next thing I know all the visible blood vessels that pop out of my muscles were all of the sudden REALLY popping out and pumped up. I even looked good as well as felt. So was that chi? Did I finally get some steam going? Ive been attempting MCO meditation for years and progress has been modest.
  5. Whats up everybody/ Celibacy

    Depends on what the cause is really. No matter what the issue, the perscription is the same. Seal the gates of death and life, circulate the water wheel, and condense the shen.
  6. I need help

    I suppose I have been doing my best at both. Your comment reminds me of a concept from the Chuang Tzu: If we make our own minds our teacher, then who has to be without a teacher? When you say do battle with the ego, what do you mean? Curbing desire? Also, could you ellucidate your thoughts on becomeing an open channel for truth? I practice meditation toward this sort of end, but unfortunately find myself striken by laxity and incosistency. Ive realized that all along but actually writing it out, even if just in a forum context, is now making my mistakes seem super obvious! Having realized it, I can admit it. Having admitted it, I can correct it
  7. Eating and Running?

    A traditional chinese pure-bland therapeutic porridge would be best. I combine brown rice, white beans, buckwheat, and coix (job's tears) and season with coriander, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. A small amount of miso or soy sauce or plain salt can be added. The idea is minimal added sugar and oil, and of course no proccessing (other than thorough simmering in water) What specific grains/seeds and spices to use depend on your constitution, current health concerns, climate/weather you are living in, and so forth. It is hot, nutritious, readily assimilated..great for dealing with all manner of pathogenic influences, I have devised my recipie to deal with dampness and heat, typical Westerner stuff. If you are serious about finding a better breakfast/way of eating in general, simply google terms like "jook" "congee" "medicinal porridge" and so forth: good luck.
  8. I need help

    yup, this. I read all the books I can but they all preface themselves with : "get a real teacher" but finding some instruction has proved difficult. I like flipping the I-Ching open to a random page (my form of divination) and reading what it says..always somthing worthwhile indeed!
  9. I need help

    I am at 6's and 7's with the Way, what should I do?