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  1. Shamanic Tiger Qi Gong

    I did this form today for the first time at qigong center 1 on 1 with an instructor, first time doing this type of qigong i thought it was silly at first and wierd that I was the only one who showed up but i kept an open mind and by the end of it I was in deep stillness and balanced and clean energy. I have anxiety/depression on a regular basis and this allieviated it almost completely and i felt some deep peace and happiness, affects still going hours afterwords, I really enjoyed it. The guy I learned it from has been doing Tai chi and qi gong for 36 years and studied directly a few times with Wu. I will be doing it every saturday morning and am definitely looking forward to it, I have the book as well I downloaded it from theoccult.bz, this is a really old post but thought I would throw this out there. Wu seems to be endorsed by a lot of the big name tai chi and qi gong people.
  2. Adyashanti: Emptiness Dancing

    Very good book, its an ego detanator he is a very clear teacher that cuts right to the truth without any extra fluff, his insight and teachings are great.
  3. Hi I am new here

    I just wanted to check in and say hello, this forum seems to be a very interesting place... very glad I have found it. I am very interested in Qi gong, and Taoist practices but as of right now I am pretty unfamiliar with it all. I have practiced some standing meditation Zhaung Zang I believe it is called after reading Lam Kam Chuen's book the way of power, I have tried doing inner smile practices and semen retention but so far havent had much success at either. I frequented bluelight.ru for the past few years and have been looking for something more on the spiritual and less on the drug side and have found it. Currently I practice Hatha yoga, and attend a Tibetan Buddhist temple started by Garchen Rinpoche I am a psychology student at WSU. I tried to access the personal cultivation board and it gives me this error: An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum. How do I go about getting a journal and having access to view others? My name is Roger... so ya... thats my intro