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  1. What happens when you meditate?

    Hmm. if 90% of your thoughts are useless thoughts like worries then what knowledge are you protecting by thinking them? I mean, just because you dont think unconsiously doesnt mean you cant study and know things and think about those things with some awareness in them. Personally, I hate when im around someone trying to chill and my mind starts worrying about stuff. It ruins the moment and the chill. I hate when im afraid to do things I want to do. Ect. So i meditate. For example I used to be on the subway and sometimes freak out if I had no choice but to stare at the persons face infront of me. It would be the freakyest situation ever. That or awkward silences. But after observing people and after practicing and studying my mind now I just kind of go blank. Like ill sit there blank but feel my suroundings and just not care if the person is feeling weird because of awkward silence because im fine. Ill also notice the silence and watch my breath. But sometimes people are like, hey whats with the blank stare? (not so much recently) OR or, I also feel like, dumber. My mind feels like its lagging, not as sharp as it used to be (im 23 years old not an old man) Yet I think that im still smart. Its just a feeling of lag, like before I had a feeling of sharpness and I was thinking all the time yet my sense of self was 100% invested in my thoughts, now I have a feeling of lag yet im like usually knowing that im not my thoughts. Ive had a few breakthrew moments, feeling like your not your mind really puts all your problems in the garbage can. But can anyone help me get rid of this sense of lag in my mind? Should I continue the path which made me feel lag, yet also study math for an hour a day or something to counter its negative effects? (I should note that when it comes to solving problems my mind still works and works fast, its just a feeling of lag, it might not actually be my mind getting dumber its just a lag feeling instead of a sharp/smart feeling) Also even though I admit that, its obvious that meditating gives you ALOT of focus power. What do your brain scans say about focus and thats effect on synapses and nerve gaps? I mean if you think about it, if you concentrate all that focus you obtain threw meditating on learning something your going to learn it SUPER fast. What thoughts are being effected here? Thoughts you need or thoughts you dont need? It wouldnt be thoughts you need ofcoarse. Its not like the worries that are 90% of your thoughts are math equations that you need to know how to do. So the thoughts you dont need fade away, and the ones that are usefull probably get stronger just because you can think them with focus. Focus > everything. Focus is way more powerfull then any thought you could forget. (except e= mc squared)
  2. Who are the most motivated people in the world?

    Nah yo, I think it takes more motivation to win for yourself then for soemeone else. Think of something like.... Well for example theres some golf movie where will smith is the caddy and the dude doesnt wanna golf but the whole town is like omg your the best we love you so he feels obligated to win. That or if someones dieing you feel obligated to help him, maybe you love that person or your culture says its the right thing to do you know. But when it comes to motivating yourself, you have to deal with lazyness. Like its easy to get up for work when you have to, but when you want to do some work for yourself its much much much much harder. ANYWAY. I was thinking maybe some chemical in our food makes us lazy or something. Like people do all of these motivation books based on mental attitudes, but what if its simply diet? What if some diet gives you the energy and drive to do things more then another? Like what if theres some chemical thats in all our processed food, but it can be used as an anti depressent and we just dont know it yet (or do but dont care because of profit). Or in the air maybe carbon dioxide from cars/ciggs make you unmotivated. So then I was thinking if you stop brushing your teeth youll stop getting some chemical and youll find working way easyer and you wont want to sleep or be lazy anymore. Or wear a gasmask outside to keep out the smoke. Then your so motivated your a super hero. I mean before the tv/car days people probably didnt sleep all the time when they were not working. They had to have actual hobbies right? If theres no tv what will the majority of society do? They will probably get hobbies.
  3. The sound of one hand clapping

    The sound is pretty similar to a normal 2 hand clap, only much lower in volume and a bit duller. I know because I can clap with 1 hand. Seriously, its really easy you just send your fingers into your palm fast. Im enlightened. I mean seriously, if someone asks you whats the sound of a whistle your just going to think about it and not whistle? Take your hand and one hand clap it right in the face of whoever asked you that koan. You look like a dick for thinking about it.
  4. Hey everyone. I was watching some film that may or may not be a propoganda film, but it got me thinking about alot of stuff. Anyway, I want to do research on motivation. And I dont care about motivation threw need. I was wondering if anyone can help me make a list of the most motivated people. Do you know anyone (most helpfull would be someoone famous or semi famous, but if the person is unknown its still fine) who is motivated into action? I already thought of Bruce Lee.
  5. yoyoie

    yohohoho. I am introducing myself.