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  1. Yes, I did not read that case and indeed was exactly what I was missing from your case descriptions. Your answer is great and makes everything quite clear. Thanks a lot. Following your words, I guess that you can say there has been a profound healing when a patient starts to practice qi gong for themselves after the treatment. Would be very interesting if you keep posting more examples of the application of taoist medicine.
  2. Michael, you are showing an amazing case load of succesful clinical applications of your method of therapy. Truly awesome stuff. Most of the conditions you are treating seem to be physical pathologies, phisiological malfunctions and trauma and pain. You also say that you are specialized in pain reduction. Even you have mention some cases of anxiety and sexual dysfunction, which has a psychological root most of the times, I am wondering if you could ellaborate more on the application of taoist medicine more on the emotional, psychological and behavioural level. At the spirit level as they say in TCM. I am thinking in patients with depression, fear, neurosis ar other kind of clinical mental disorder and specially in non clinical treatment of some emotional or spiritual situations that could be more normal like inability to make decisions, lack of assertiveness and self esteem, feelings of being lost or empty, melancholy, excessive worries, etc...Symptoms that are considered and treated energetically in TCM, specially in some styles that focus particularly on the spirit. Thanks a lot.
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