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  1. Avatar (the movie)

    Awesome movie. It held many good lessons. I almost cried when he was praying to Eywa.
  2. do you practice outside?

    It is more important, I feel, that you are comfortable when you practice your spirituality. I practice Tai Chi outside whenever I get the chance, but that is a personal choice. If you live in a city it probably isn't good for you to be breathing the air anyway.
  3. Innocence

    I feel the same way. When I am alone, especially in nature, I feel like "me". I also have in my mind the innocent person I would like to be to other people. I can't do it. I also put on a mask. I am not a jerk to people, but I am not as open and friendly as I would like to be. I think people would call the cops cause it was creepy. Oh well. I also feel that the world we live in doesn't allow pure innnocence. It is a messed up place nowadays. All we can do is hope and work to make it better in our own little ways.
  4. Hello

    Hello everyone! I figured it was about time I joined these forums. I have had this site bookmarked for some time, but haven't joined. I belong to another forum called Religious Forums and I just didn't feel like joining another forum. I am here now though! I am a Philosophical Taoist, a Ch'an Buddhist, and Pagan. The basis of my thinking is Taoism however. Oh I almost forgot! I am also an ordained Dudeist Priest(Dudeism.com). Hmmm my interests include Tai Chi, reading, spending time with my son, and other stuff. So anyway that is enough of my rambling. I hope to learn much hear on the Tao Bums forum.