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  1. end of the world in 5 days?

    Amen. Besides, the world isn't supposed to end for another four years or so, remember? I'm just going to do whatever I can do for now and let the end come if it does. That's all anyone can do, really, except for maybe Max, who could just shift into Golden Dragon Body at the last second (no slam on Kunlun intended here, just joking around)
  2. Who is /are Max's Egyptian teachers?

    First, I'm not trying to insult or offend anybody, merely trying to put this in perspective. Just want to get that out of the way. That said, Scotty is entirely correct. WYG, what happened? For a while after your suspension or whatever it was you were asking questions with what seemed like the intent to learn, but now you've reverted back to your old sarcastic, negative ways. Have you even tried Kunlun yet? If not I don't see the reason for all this negativity. The way to solve all this constant bickering is SO SIMPLE, EVERYBODY: If you're intent on sticking with your system, then do so and leave Kunlun alone. If not, then try Kunlun and see if it works for you. If it doesn't work then good for you, you've just solved a dilemma and are now free to choose a path that does work. If Kunlun does work then good for you, you've just found your system. Seriously, what is the point of all this? Each person has to forge their own path, and if humanity would spend less time arguing and more time just walking down our roads, maybe the world would be a more peaceful place. One way to find out And just to clarify, I have recently realized that Kunlun does not work for me, and am now searching for a system that does. So I am not trying to promote Kunlun or convince people to try it, I'm just tired of the fighting.
  3. Kunlun 1 posture for standing?

    Sorry Mantra, but I'm not following. If you're sitting in Indian style, how can you raise your heels enough to get any effect? Or is this only for after you can do it without paying as much attention to the posture?
  4. Where would Max go?

    Actually, I do remember something on the radio broadcast about there being up to 99 levels of perception associated with the wisdom eye. I dunno, I'll have to dig that broadcast up again and listen to it.
  5. Max's Radio talk on Root Practice!

    Hey, Max was talking really fast, but I think he was saying something to the effect of all the schools and lineages sharing similarities at their highest levels, Kunlun being an example of this. I dunno, that's just what it seemed like to me.
  6. What are you listening to?

    I listen to a lot of melodic death metal and thrash metal (I am NOT a satanist ) I like: Children of Bodom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgbeSpbL_10 Shade Empire Dimmu Borgir Deathchain
  7. weak erection

    Hey Mantis, Just to be safe you might want to see a doctor or something.
  8. .

    I was just a few days away from creating a thread about the transmission. Coincidence I've been wondering for a while now if it is even possible to reach the highest levels, like Golden Dragon Body, without the transmission. I'm still a freshman in college and haven't established a solid career, and I'm not sure if I can get one going for a while even after I'm out of college, so I don't really have the cash to go to a seminar and get the transmission If I'm extremely lucky I'll make it to the NJ seminar, but it's not looking that way. Is it possible to reach a high level without it?
  9. Help My Penis, This Is Not A Joke

    How does starting and stopping strain the kidneys?
  10. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    If you really want to learn the microcosmic orbit, check out Yang Jwing Ming's Qigong Meditation: Small Circulation. I've compared and contrasted his methods with Chia's in the past, and I've found his description to be far more detailed and safe.
  11. Retrograde Ejaculation

    Really? I read that the point of no return was the literal half-second right before ejaculation (I found that somewhere online, but now my computer's acting up more than usual and I can only get onto a few websites, TTB being one of them thankfully). That's when I stop and wait, and the feeling of orgasm just goes away on its own after a little while.
  12. Retrograde Ejaculation

    I'd do that if I didn't have a girlfriend But I'm trying a new method recommended to me by a couple people where I stop all stimulation at the point of no return and just let the energy subside. No assistance of any kind, just relax and wait. I haven't been able to find anything dangerous about that method so far, so I'm fairly sure it's nice and safe.
  13. Precum?!

    When you inhale, gently pull your abdomen in. When you exhale, relax and let it return to normal.
  14. Retrograde Ejaculation

    Procurator, Little1, Thank you so much for the warnings. I would have been furious with myself if I had caused any injury to myself by practicing unsafe methods, especially without having the basics down. I had done the PC squeeze a few times, and just from the sensations I began to think that maybe it wasn't very safe, especially since urinating began to burn at first after doing the PC squeeze. That's why I figured it was causing retrograde ejaculation. Thanks again.
  15. Retrograde Ejaculation

    Can you elaborate on that? WHY doesn't it work, if so many people use it for retention?