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  1. Amazing diagnosis of TCM doctor

    that web site was also talking about a lost skill of being able to jump about 30 ft or higher, and it's lost because one of the masters students, used his skills to steal and evade authorities, so he said to his student he can never you his skill again, or he'll kill him, or something like that. thats one skill that i'd love to have.
  2. Amazing diagnosis of TCM doctor

    you know i can't remember where i found this picture, but i think what i read was he's 70 years old, and did this finger stand for a day and passed away shortly after. the web page where i found this was alot better and more informative than what i just said.
  3. Amazing diagnosis of TCM doctor

    this is a great post. thanks.
  4. A Poisoned World documentary

    thanks for posting this. well this is just a little bit of what i think about this topic, and i could be wrong, but. you can see how a majority of western dr.'s don't know how to do anything but match a symptom with a variety of different pharmaceuticals (poisons). and when those don't work or they have a bad side effects, they look to there big book of drugs till one masks the symptoms. since your not treating the root of the problem this usually manifest its self into something worse. i say lets start a revolution man. cause nobody, and i mean nobody, gonna take away my hot rock therapy!
  5. The Moscow dragon

    i hear ya, i live on the west coast.
  6. Grow ribs

    i can't wait to hear more about this.
  7. If you are in USA there may be someone from near you driving down/up/over at any particular workshop. that would be perfect but i live in vancouver canada and still need to get my passport updated. so maybe that what i should do first , thanks for the suggestion, I'm fascinated by this kind of stuff, wish there more info. it's been great reading this post. thanks.
  8. Here's your chance March 20/21/22 i'd love to but it's a little far for me to travel at this time. but thanks
  9. Extreeme Fasting

    oh man thats crazy. and she ate steak right after coming off one of the 40 day fast, ouch thats gotta kill the guts. lets skip the water soaked prunes and go straight to the prime rib, lol.
  10. wow really cool stuff, i would love to learn more about it.
  11. hello

    thanks for the welcomes
  12. Kunlun follow up poll

    that is funny but good info, so i just gotta keep cool. much appreciated thanks.
  13. Kunlun follow up poll

    WOW i love hearing this kind of stuff, i think i need to keep up on my RP practice. the other night i tried traveling hands before bed after grounding and i felt that massive amount of buzzing that you've mentioned, it was all over my body and face, it was like wind was rushing pass my body, then it felt as if my legs were lifting off the bed. i was getting more and more excited, and then it stopped it stared up once more for a bit but very mildly, and then i feel asleep, it was a pretty amazing experience, i look forward to more and to hear more from others. thanks for sharing.
  14. Kunlun follow up poll

    wow thats really cool, hey if you don't mind what kind of experience have you had w/ RP.
  15. Kunlun follow up poll

    haha, ya i hear you, i've had one neat experience and my other attempts just turn into naps, just curious what others had to say.