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  1. Egyptian metu

    Thanks for the information. That was what I was thinking about the connection with Greek and Egypt. The Egyptians had connections to Greek world before they had connections with the China. So even if that picture happens to be that much later than I thought it might be possible to find something from Greeks as lot of their ideas might originate from Egypt. I think it might be worth checking. This unite might be more similar to the Chinese concept than the idea of ending. In a way all channels unite near anus. Point Huiyin (Ren 1 at the perineum) is also called Haidi (bottom of the ocean) and Xiaji (lower extremity). It is the point where all 8 extraordinary channels are said to unite. The ren is sea of all yin, the du is sea of all yang and the chongmai is channel of blood (all all the channels). It is not an ending but an union. In some texts there is an idea that (like hindu muladhara) the knot where these all channels are born is inside an up from this point below the navel area (true dantian or mingmen). Some other text give different places of birth for these channels but in any case they meet at the ren 1.
  2. Egyptian metu

    Article titled Seeing the body might interest you. Look at the Greek picture of human in the article. It shows the idea of meridians in Hellenistic period. It might be possible to get more information about Egyptians by looking at the Greeks. It is quite possible. Please keep me informed about the actual word. It is very common to loose lot of meaning and accuracy while translating. -mibale ps. Sorry...am very slow at responding. (been bit short of time nowadays)
  3. Hello from Finland

    @Juho Glad to hear about another Finn here Do you live in in Espoo area? I live in Jollas, Helsinki. I studied in Taoist Neijing -school. @Others.... I understand that my introduction might have been bit too general I guess that most people here are interested in Daoist cosmology and anatomy. Here is something general in addition to the first one. I am studying cosmology and cultivation in relation with acupuncture. I am striving to understand better the acupuncture (and points) by studying Daoism as I believe that Daoist practices are the way to gain real understanding and skill of acupuncture. The reason I found this forum was that my friend told that someone here also did an translation of Xiuzhentu. It is perfect example about the connections I am looking for. My version of translation is available from here in case that anyone is interested: Xiuzhentu.
  4. Hello from Finland

    Hello from a new member from Finland. I have been lurking here for some months and finally decided to write this very short introduction to obtain the knowledge of what is the full membership I am a Chinese medicine practitioner working in Finland and studying Daoist and medical texts. I am most interested in ancient anatomy and its relation to Chinese cosmology. You seem to have a nice forum with lot of interesting information and sharing. Thanks for the forum. -mibale