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  1. Bak Fu Pai's Sunn Yee Gong-Q&A

    Hi Sifu Garry, Thanks for being responsive to these threads and monitoring this site. I've started to practice the SYG system. Is it ok to start with the standing instead of the sitting mediation first? I still have some pain and discomfort when sitting for a while due to my lower back not fully healed yet. I wanted to start the standing meditation number 1 and work with the standing meditations slowly and then do the sitting.
  2. Bak Fu Pai's Sunn Yee Gong-Q&A

    Hi Sifu Garry, How are you doing? I had a quick question about the SYG. Is there tui-na methods and herbal formulas that go along with SYG? thanks, Mark
  3. Taijiquan Styles

    Anyone here practice the Wu Hao Style of tai chi chuan? It is a rare style and just wanted to see. I've learned the begining parts of it and just wanted to connect with others who practice this version of tai chi.
  4. BaGua Help

    Does anyone know much about yin yang bagua zhang? How is it different from the Dong Hai Chuan influenced baguazhang?
  5. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Just curious, is the breathing style and percentage counting similar to the flying phoenix system by Sifu Terry? The 10 second breathing sounds similar to the one in the Red Dragon Hei Gung system.
  6. Hi Mark, How r u feeling? I would like to know if I may use one or more of your postings on the FP thread in a Q&A section of my forthcoming book on FP Qigong. I will acknowledge all contributors on a "Special Thanks" page. Please advise; I would need your written approval sent to [email protected] Thanks very much, Sifu Terry Dunn P.S. Otherwise, I'll have to paraphrase ea...

  7. Properties of Dit Da Jow Ingredients

    I have used that particular dit da jow from the book and it really works well.
  8. I found this site by accident because I was searching for taoist teachers in the U.S. I am a longtime practitioner of kung fu and recently got interested in learning the taoist qigong methods and diet. I have read some of the forums on this website and i really like what people have been posting. I have been searching for a high level teacher in New York City to learn taoist qigong and philosophy from.