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  1. Feeling Heavy after Qigong

    I definitely have excess chi in my fire channel, up the back, cant get rid of the heat.
  2. Feeling Heavy after Qigong

    I have to say I am constantly having to direct my chi back to my dantian, the heat moves to different parts of my body in the day and I either use the swallowing spit method or lead it with th yi mind to get it back down in the belly. It doesnt personally feel threatening but I dont think its good to feel the fire all the time, might just be the healing process like you said as I have only just started. I am following Yang Jwing Mings Instructions as best I can including the grounding/rooting method and the balancing, I am getting the accompanying dvd soon so that may hopefully offer extra insight into the practice. I could attend the ymaa in london possibly to get first hand experience at some point next month, might be a good idea really!
  3. Feeling Heavy after Qigong

    Thank you! That really helps, I just decided to quickly do mabu(horse stance) with hands extended hugging tree, this supposedly circulates chi in the body, and that has reduced the symptom dramatically, thank goodness )
  4. Hello all, I am a bit worried. This is my fourth day doing qigong, this is also my first day doing qigong in the morning instead of right before I go sleep. When I arrived at work today I suddenly became aware of a massive feeling of heavyness, like my skin is made of steel. I have tried to find an answer to this symptom but I have not succeeded in finding a clear explanation. I have found three vague possibilities. a.) Its an M.E. + Qigong b.) It might be Qigong deviation. c.) Its an symptom of an advanced qigong practitioner Obviously two of these are quite worrying! Does anyone have any experience in this area? I just started going 8 Brocade Sitting Qigong by Yang Jwing Ming.
  5. Cultivating Chi

    Sorry I just realised what you said there, It has been my gut instinct that YJ Ming is a good teacher, I have ordered two of his books today, embryonic breathing and 8 basic qigong forms. Where is his seminar at?
  6. Cultivating Chi

    Just tried embryonic breathing, it is extremely powerful, the heat generated in my body was immediately noticeable, when trying to pull my attention away from the dantian it felt locked in, kind of panicked abit, but stayed focused and tried to gently pull it away, I can understand now why kosta said in his books that people can go insane from taking their attention away from the dantian when they were not ready to. Practice carefully!
  7. Cultivating Chi

    This is kind of funny! Right after asking what I did above I just came across the incredibly revealing article on embryonic breathing, I have a feeling this might be what I have been looking for. Embryonic Breathing
  8. Cultivating Chi

    Thanks for the visual snow links, the only one that is anything close is the little white mosqitoe example. If I were to describe the behaviour of the snow, it looks like your looking through a microscope and little microbes darting around all over the place, but instead they are bright white and look like stars. That's the best explanation I can give, I can seem them clearly if I look at the blue sky in the day, but not really anywhere else. Anyway, I was just reading on another post that there are some people that teach Level 1 Dantian cultivation, was wondering if anyone here knows one of these individuals? I am doing the training myself but my methods are only self devised, dont want to be training improperly! Thank you
  9. Cultivating Chi

    May I ask what types of meditation you all do?
  10. Cultivating Chi

    The heat in Dantian meditation is amazing, the only reason I attached the "seeing" stars to me meditation practice is that it happend quite literally the next day right after I started doing Dantian meditation and I have never seen "stars" like that before in my life, I could see them quite clearly just looking around a typical well lit room. I dont have any friends that do meditation nor any teachers so I may be hypersensitive about my experiences as a safeguard since I dont want to end up having some kind of deviation.
  11. Cultivating Chi

    When I first started I picked up a few meditations from a, which still seems to be running! For most of the years that I have been meditating I have just been using mindfulness meditation (not really clear of what purpose the whole thing served). I did a few of the others but mindfulness has been my main meditation. [Edit: As well as centering] The kundalini experience I had was when I was doing the inner sound meditation, I have not done it since because it was quite scary. A little while ago I have started doing Dantian Meditation/Breathing, focus on the dantian, then relax and let the mind body emotions and chi blanace into a half awake state to hopefully allow energy to gather in the dantian. As for closing, I dont have any closing techniques except that I try to make sure that my body feels balanced before I leave the meditation.
  12. Cultivating Chi

    Thanks for the responses. Guess I am always looking for some kind of scientific explanation for all of this, it amazes me, absolutely amazes me that these forces, to the meditation practitioner, are quite obviously very real and yet are also impossible to prove.
  13. Cultivating Chi

    So no one has had any of these experiences? I really don't think that the lights are astral messages, I have never read of anything like this before.
  14. Cultivating Chi

    Sorry, I have been doing meditation for nearly 8 or so years now and have not had anyone I could talk to that has also done meditation so I am a bit starved for coversation. Anyway, I had my blood pressure checked a couple weeks ago and it is in the "normal" range, the upper normal range, before pre-hypertension.
  15. Cultivating Chi

    Actually there is another thing, I have had this massive shock up my back once during an inner sound meditation, I have been told it is kundalini and it resides at the base the perineum. I would have to assume then that kundalini is yin chi, which is bizarre to me.