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  1. involuntary celibacy and isolation

    Hi Non! I'm new here but I'll give it a shot. So "INvoluntary celibacy and isolation" basically means lack of a partner/sex and friends right? Hey, everyone's been there! Also, 23 and virgin, who cares? I honestly see nothing wrong with that. Forget for now about working so hard in finding a partner or friends. Focus FIRST on enjoying life and doing things that you like. Some suggestions: 1- Read: No, not books about dating. Books about seeing life in a different light. How about "Stop Worrying and Start Living" or "The Magic of Thinking Big". Those seem like a good start. You may even read them at a nice library or coffeeshop, forcing you to leave your house. 2- Travel: Yeah, travel just by yourself. Is there a city or place you always wanted to visit? Well, plan the trip and go there! You will have a great time and will come back feeling great. Trust me! 3- Volunteer: Helping in charities is not only a great way to help others, but also a good way to put things in perspective and stop taking things for granted. 4- Meditate: Nothing much to add here! 5- Some Eastern Philosophy: I'm not an expert at all, but here I go: Try to work in harmony with those difficulties and problems life is throwing at you. Do not use your fight-or-flight response. Instead approach those problems with compassion. Approach your negative thoughts with compassion as well. Practice mindfulness, focus on the moment. Check out the book "The Mindful Way through Depression", good stuff there. Hope this helps
  2. The Tao of Pooh

    Hi Franko! I'm new to the site, but have started reading the Tao of Pooh. I'm not sure how this book club works, but just wanted to let you know.
  3. 365 Tao - HAPPINESS

    Oh this is nice. I just joined the site, but I have this book. I noticed you post the daily meditations in this forum for everyone to read and discuss. What a great idea, thanks
  4. Hi I'm new!

    Hey, thanks all for the welcome! So many replies in so little time, I'm loving this site so far A couple of months ago I was looking for forums about meditation, mindfulness, Tao etc. But no luck finding a good one! Today, I decided to look for a blog or community that talked about the Tao of Pooh, and I found this site!
  5. Hi I'm new!

    Hi all! I just joined The Tao Bums. I've been looking for something like this site for some time with no luck. Today I found it somewhat randomly! I'm pretty much a beginner in Taoism, but my goal it to make it a philosophy of life. I'm starting to read "The Tao of Pooh" (so far it looks like a nice intro for the clueless like me), I also have the "Tao Te Ching" and "365 Tao Daily Meditations". I became interested in Eastern philosophies a while ago. I've also been doing some mediation on and off (novice meditation). I like the idea about Tao and going with the flow of life. To not go against problems or suffering, but to embrace them as part of our path, to make them work in harmony with everything else. More specifically, I want to remain calm under pressure, worry and stress less, and embrace more positive thinking. I think this intro will do for now. Thanks
  6. is brand new to Tao Bums :)