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  1. I have come to understand that this life experience and physical body is free, thus in my mind there is only room for appreciation and contribution =)
  2. *Right Now*

    Something wonderful is happening =)
  3. True, it is important to be grounded in the reality we mainly reside. I do believe it is only a matter of time until that reality changes and then I believe it helps us to be open to that change, making it easier in finding our balance within the evolving rules.
  4. Thanks for the reply =) I agree that there is practical truth that is used in day to day living. up and down is all depending on where you are standing, and that is changing with the rotation of the world. In my experience, there is awareness in everything, even words. it is true that they are reading me and it is true that they are not. The *now* is full of contradicting truth in all of its cosmic dimension. Zoom in on reality and the law on how things work changes. Zoom out and it is a total other set of truths. You inhabit a male or female body, zoom out and you will find that you are male and female at the same time, zoom out even more and you will find that you are everybody and everything. I´m speaking from a near death experience, but I am open to it being all wrong and I´m not asking anybody to believe from my experience. I hope only to inspire openness in a question of reality assumptions, nothing else... The lessons that I choose to share in my posts are entirely my own. They are not meant to imply some kind of superior knowledge. Vibe with what resonates with you or view it as entertainment =)
  5. Loved these quotes =) So the words seek the writer as much as the writer seeks the words =) The wisdom in these words are clear... Thank you for sharing them =)
  6. there is no memory, only one unfolding moment...
  7. true, and on another level you do
  8. You are reading these words. How do you feel about knowing that the words are equally reading you? This from the stand point of; for every truth, the opposite is equally true... awareness is within all, awareness is within nothing.... Namaste =)
  9. power expressions

    First let me define what I call power expression: it is basically a expression in the mind that serves in stilling mind, bringing presence and expand being. There is always the classic: Who am I? One I have started to use recently with wonderful result is: Where am I, who am I with?
  10. death

  11. Thanks for the tip =) have been pondering this for a while, wanting to know in my head what I know in my heart and have them in sync... I had a near death experience in 2004 that gave me one more state in sense of self to account for. When you are sleeping and dreaming there is a sense of self. Then you wake up and that sense of self expands. During the near death experience my sense of self went cosmic. It was like my consciousness started merging with the essence that permeates all. It radiated more intelligence and loving presence then I can touch with my tiny "dust in the wind" imagination today. It was super natural (as in more natural then natural) and I started remembering everything (and I really mean everything). I remembered making my "self" forget so that I could solve a problem in evolution that simply could not take place without forgetting. Everything is "the same" in a different disguise... When mind understands this as much as heart there is unity in sense of self. can recomend http://www.near-death.com/