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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    Yes everyone is jumping at shadows. To consider the words of others they first have to know who it is. They have lost the ability to consider WORDS, to weigh them without knowing who said them. Where there is suspicion, there is also fear. They keep telling everyone not to be afraid but they are blind to what is generating this kind of fear. My concern was whether or not a moderator with Kunlun affliations would compromise the privacy of others. Even looking me up and posting the information the way you did I feel compromised it. I just don't want Tao Bums turning into the Kunlun forum, please don't let that happen here. That's all I really wanted to make sure of. Done now.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Which brings me back to thoughts of what do I do in situations that I, or others view as being morally and legally wrong if they are pitted against my spiritual aspirations? Do I make excuses and justify bad behavior? Will I still progress spiritually and attain a high level if I continue to do this? Is all of this irrelevant when you begin a practice, is practicing a technique to open the body to more energy enough? Will the person grow into exhibiting better behavior naturally as they progress? or do I have to police my behavior constantly? is it always about choosing how I want to BE?
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