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  1. Here's what I believe to be the "rubbing version" of the image requested. Black and white, scanned from a huge A-3 version. *** I can't upload the image. Don't know why. It's big --1.42MB-- but well under the 6MB limit. ******* Gee, I've tried and tried and tried and there's no way to upload the image. Anyone that wants it, drop me a line at [email protected] ...
  2. A new arrival

    That's the book I read all right. A lot of tremendously interesting and true information. May you have a good digestion. Okay, I won't just comment and run. I'll talk, if I have something worthwhile to say. My priority mission's accomplished. I didn't comment on the post I wanted to comment on, but contacted the person instead. So from now on, anything goes.
  3. A new arrival

    Hello everybody, I'm a newly registered member but I'm not new here. I discovered this website one or two years years ago and have periodically returned. A lot of great stuff here, and I find that this "place" somehow transmits peace to me... My background... At the end of the last century I took the Silva Mind Control course, where I met someone who spoke to me about free energy healing courses. In 2001 I took that course, too, and since then I have been meditating daily, a type of zen empty-the-mind meditation. Through the people I met in the energy course I have come into contact with many interesting things. I practice Qi Gong and am now training to be a Qi Gong teacher, too. I discovered books on the Tao (Daniel Reid's, for instance) and am now also practicing sexual kung fu techniques (Mantak Chia), on my own. Anyway, the direct reason why I registered is because I read a post and wanted to comment and couldn't because I wasn't registered. Now I am a member, and I will comment. Greetings to you all.