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  1. Healing Tao standing chi kung

    Hello I find your ideas about yang Qi and wind qi interesting. Do you have any sources to this? Is it something mantak Chia has written about or anybody else? I practise in the universal tao system. Fire Dragon
  2. Healing Arts

    Check out these two books by Mantak Chia "Taoist cosmic healing" and "Taoist astral healing" FD
  3. My left hand path (for -K-)

    Somthing tells me witch will see it somewhat differently than you
  4. Taoist Relationships

  5. Qi gong without Gong

    Yes many more dedicated than me says: Qigong and taoist yoga is not so much of building up something, but instead it is about taking away things and patterns to find the natural way being like a baby!
  6. Ching Chi questions

  7. Abdominal Breathing

    Hello. That description of mine was for ower 10 years ago when I just started my practise. I am quite aware of everything you did write above. Not saying that I not can learn more, just telling I have developed during the last 10 years. Today I quite naturally breath into the stomach and also the back is expanding and also the sides, from time to time it also feels like the whole body is expanding, even down to the feet and up to the head sometimes, when I practise more dilligently. Today no sweating no hardship with my abdominal breathings. Perhaps somethimes when I have a wery stressful period, but it loosen up automatically, and just the abdominal breathing is particularly helpful for this, in my case. FD FD
  8. Abdominal Breathing

  9. Hello everyone

    Hello My retreat is wery long. Have you heard about the story of the western adept wery interested in yoga and meditation going to the Himalayas to wisit a guru. He traveled for a long time and did do alot of investigation to find the man. (Are the gurus in India never women?). After a few mounths of asking people where he was and a long travel in the mountains he found the man. The guru did give the man an advice and this advice was the only thing the guru did tell the man. "Go home" So basically my retreat goes on as long as I live where ever I am at. And I will do my comon practise, which at the moment is moslty practises from mr Eric Steven Yudeloves books or from the universal tao system. Inner smile fusion of the five elements iron shirt sexual kung fu bone breathing 8 brocades some hatha yoga Different kind of breathing exercises tao yin And I will soon start to open the 8 extraordinary meridians and to learn the practise of the golden elixir qigong acording to Mantak Chia. I look forward to here more about your retreat and what adventures you will go true during it. And I hope I will be able to do something similar like a longer retreat myself someday, untill then my life retreat goes on Happy Journey and may you find something that realy is aligned with your spirit, and something that is not, for the learning of it. FD
  10. Hello everyone

    Hello I will do my retreat in a litle apartment in the southern part of Stockholm. Welcome to thetaobums Fire Dragon
  11. Cooling energy...

    Hello What about the obvious techniques of the six healing sounds, which are wery coling and ballancing. I myself practise from the Mantak Chia system, but I have the opposite problem of a cold body, but somethimes the energies got realy hot. This is explained to me by my TCM doctor in this way: I have had Yang qi defiency for a long time and that also create a yin defiency. To litle yin makes me hot when stressed. During these hot symtoms I get much better by doing just a few of every of the six healing sounds exercises. I wonder what happens to you when you do six healing sound? Does it help any? FD
  12. Cooling energy...

  13. The Skeptic Within

  14. Dead Birds Fall From Sky, Millions Of Dead Fish

    Hello Some of the birds from Sweden that fell down and died will be checked at a laboratory if they are possoned. I heard that on the news just before I saw this tread. FD
  15. Question to (formal) dancers who also taiji

    This is just an add on to your question though I have experienced a similar thing and also made a question mark in my mind. I do some western kind of practises at a sport club. One of the things I do is pilates. In the kind of pilates they teach you are supposed to tigten the stomach and move it into closer to the spine. This realy is a contradiction to my qigong. Even after the practise they like to do a standing meditation for relaxation, quite close to iron shirt or other stading poses in qigong. Also doing this relaxation they like to put the navel into the spine. Well I guess the idea of putting the navel into the spine is a stabilisation exercise that is necessarily during some exercises that are demanding at the lower back, and while you put your navel in you stabilise the whole area. But why do it when standing and relaxing. It is so contradictory to everything I know about making the energy go smooth in the body, and it realy tighten things up. This makes me sometimes don't wana do the exercises. Sometimes I feel that the pilates is just not working the right way for the body internaly. Even though I think I benefit some from the exercises if you look at it on a only physical level, for streantening core muscles for instance. Just a similar question like Tao Maewses. FD
  16. putting chi in testicles

    Nice to hear about your progress and improved emotional state! I also do the cold draw quite often, I have done it two or three times today for instance. It is a nice practise. I like to feel the opening and filling of the point with cold Jing energy. Quite vibrant feelings in the points, and still a quite soft practise. I think perhaps this method should be more emphasised than the big draw. FD