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  1. John Chang Video

    literally vajra thunder or adamantine yana chariot or vehicle i i am shingon my self
  2. Attention! Letter From David Verdesi Regarding Wang Liping

    o.k to setle all this in Daoism sex does not seem to be considerd wrong or bad but should be limated as it can use up chi and i realy only think should be with a life partener
  3. Attention! Letter From David Verdesi Regarding Wang Liping

    yang shen dao does seem to have traditional Daoism but the rest i agree
  4. Anyone ever heard of vajra boxing?

    as far as i can tell it looks like a fusion of wing chun and shaolin diamond fist. but i could be wrong
  5. konichiwa ni hao namasta and if you must hello i`m new so this my introduction. i am a Buddhist with strong taoist leanings and a practitioner of chi gong, currently informal but will soon be starting formal training. i joined this forum to try and learn more about taoism and discuss chinese medicine and martial arts. one last thing as you may already have figured out my writen gramer sucks