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  1. Meditation?

    Lately i've been hearing alot about meditation, and because im not that familiar with it, would anyone care to share with me the purpose of meditation?
  2. Watching Pulp Fiction

  3. Have you been paying attention to sunsets?

    I live in Indio CA, the coachella valley. I have also been noticing the dramatic change in the sunsets. I took a few photos the other day and would be more than glad to share them.
  4. Sweet Dreams?

    Lately i've been having dreams that later play out in reality. Im not saying that there is anything great about them, they're usually very brief. I've been thinking about dreams alot more though. What are dreams? I used to think they were just images made of our imagination, but this has been kinda scary. Any thoughts on this?
  5. The Tao of Pooh

    Hello to those who are interested. The tao of pooh is one of my favorite books because it was how i found Taoism. I know i have yet to learn alot about taoism, but i hope to change that. So far i've learned that taoist believe in the natural beauty and use of everything. If i am mistaking, please do not hesitate to correct me. I look forward to conversating with anyone who wishes to.
  6. Hello

    Hello everyone, i just stumbled across this website. I havent been studying Taoism for very long, but i can say im very interested in it. I have read a couple books on taoism and was hoping to learn more. I have read The Tao of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff, and may i say they were very enjoyable. My name is Francisco but my friends call me Franko. If anyone would like to show me the opportunities of this website, i would be very appreciative.