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  1. Scary to think that they are ready to "strike the right of habeas corpus and the Constitutional right of due process for American citizens" I think it is frightening to think our rights are being etched away. What kind of war do they want to wage on Iran?
  2. I think this is a great website. Is there one that enumerates the financial backing for each candidate. The next four years will probably be determined by who is owed favors. It takes millions of dollars to get someone into office. Who ever contributes the most will most likely want something in return. Bush and Cheney had Haliburton and other companies that they wanted to scratch backs for. what about Obama and Romney? who are the puppet masters?
  3. People’s minds have become too tired to be reasoned with. Perception of attitude has yet again prevailed as the attractive attribute of leadership. To use a debate to promote winners and losers is to disband the critical awareness necessary to understand what is really happening. The one who can create rational is not as important as the one who creates direction. Also, the moderator must realize and demonstrate his power to both the candidates. This is why, the moderators need to be those of independent parties. Someone who is themselves empowered to take on the role of a president, or someone who has already taken the role of president. What people need to see is the bridging of ideas. A great leader will find ways to cross barriers of communication to discover unity. A common force is more powerful than a divided one. Yet we like to watch ego battles and determine winners. How lame. The real tests of a person’s character are their choices in life. The way they address the challenges that life throws in their way will give a demonstration of resolve. Ultimately, must our philosophical differences cause our common goal of a successful nation to fail? Republicans and Democrats, they have their own vested interests. That is what they should be honest about. The debate format must change - “who do you work for, and what do you support?” of course the answer would be the American People and American Values. But that is not the whole truth. The truth is these people are figure heads. They are not well versed in understanding anything more than what they have read, heard, and sometimes experienced. Life itself is so vast that no one man can ever understand every aspect of it. So we depend on support staff to clarify issues. This is where the candidate must be pressed to reveal – especially when they choose to hide behind a justification – “who do you owe favors to?” This is important because it will determine the next 4 years of presidency and maybe more. Their political platform is a transient parlor show – resulting as mostly fiction. Their perspective on various issues is a shadow formed by their dance in the spotlight. The tactic is always to promote the interests of their fellow man. Yet, which president could truly fulfill noble intentions, especially when aligned or affiliated with some commercial interests? Keep in mind, the system does not allow for moral regulation of commerce. Moreover, the allocation of resources has always been mismanaged. Think about the butchers from back in the day, they might save the best cut of meat for their friends and family. This kind of favoritism is ever-present in human nature. Globally, nepotism has survived all our advances. The reality of Chinese debt collectors is a necessary phenomenon to maintain Global economic relationships. Interdependence among nations is vital to sustain a global system. The regulation of national relationships will be the next step to coordinate global economy. They current repercussion of creating one value system for the entire world is the failure of the Euro. Different nations are in different developmental stages. Therefore their productivity will reflect the infrastructure of the nation. So what do you all think?
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    my name is an ideal i want represent. I would only say a truly enlightened person has let go of the ego illusion. For the most part, i am sure you will be able to exemplify nomind with enough practice. just don't give up. if you got something you beleive in, you need to protect it. because the world will too easily make you doubt yourself.
  5. Hi

    Hi everyone, I am a seeker of truth lost in the world of chaos. I am looking for answers to develop myself into a greater being. I want to discover my true nature and am willing to develop and change as needed. I wish to be enlightened, to have the full spiritual experience of what life has to offer. Rather than the robotic monotony of society. I want to be proud of myself and happy with who I am. But what is I? is it just a mere expression of acknowledging one's existence. I wish it to mean a connectedness with everything within me and outside of me. or perhaps as bruce lee said in enter the dragon, "there is no 'I'" Well I am just beggining on my spritual path. I suppose i am curious to know where i should begin. I have studied TaeKwonDo from 1996 to 2003 and have a second degree black belt. but belts are only to keep our pants up. I took non matriculated classes in a community colleges to learn a very little bit of Pranayanam Yoga, Qi Gung, and Tai Chi. But i am not sure how to verbalize what i have learned. I learned some White Crane Kung Fu for a few months and a few weeks of Bikram Yoga practice. And I have met an amazing spiritual being, who remains anonymous to the world, who imparted me with some spiritual power, which I have squandered by misunderstanding the being as well as myself. Also I met and fell in love with an amazing girl recently who loves me unconditionally. And that to me is devine. All in all i think i am safe to say that I know nothing! hahahah. I wish to be connected to eternal devinity. I hope that being part of this community can help me do so. Respectfully, AbandonEgo.