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  1. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    It does sound fascinating indeed and I'll be sure to find a copy to read. I never doubted that there were exceptions such as this, I merely contend that all prehistoric tribespeople lived utopian lives. Thanks for the suggestion That's a bold claim indeed. One thing that can be said for the prehistoric peoples is that they didn't destroy their bodies with the unhealthy trash we tend to feed on nowadays and they were required to be physically fit just to live. While I believe this to be true, I doubt that they were immune to disease. How high is your horse, englightened one? You speak with what appears to be much hatred in your heart. Very quick to condemn people as numb, stupid, dead, gullible, hypnotized. I think the only thing scarier than the thought of a conspiracy is the idea that there ISN'T a conspiracy, and that this is really the best we can do. No secrets, nothing hidden. What you see is what you get, and the people in control are just like everybody else with good intentions.
  2. An attack on our DNA

    Yeah, the consequences can be dire. Thanks, Smile. My bad!
  3. An attack on our DNA

    You sure have a low opinion of people don't you, Mr Scientist. You may not feel you have time for this two-part video, but I think it would be interesting to see your response to it. Personally, I think it's very rude and callous of you to brush all those who disagree with you under the same banner, claiming that they operate as drones taking orders from their superiors with no tangible free will. Labotomized? This is a very bold assertion for somebody who apparently understands so little about such matters as water fluoridation and aspartame. Do you consider yourself "englightened" or "beyond the mind control"? Are you somehow special, able to recognise a conspiracy which was strong enough to trick the entire world? I'm very interested to know what your sources are.
  4. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    What can you tell me about disease and medication in prehistory? Why was the average human life less than half the length it is now? Life as hunter-gatherers can by no means be called a walk in the park. It may be that you've indulged in too much fiction. Of course, I have no real idea as to why you believe prehistoric life was pseudo-utopian. What are your sources?
  5. The Tao is Super-Commonsense

    You seem to be sweeping all of humanity with the same brush. Must a scientist with a pure heart be condemned to ignorance because some people elsewhere are bigots? There isn't a "humanity" in the singular sense by which you can generalise everyone (apart from biologically I suppose). The universe is out there and much of it is knowable (first premise of science). Who are we not to venture into the cosmos and see what awaits? Why are all humans forbidden the pursuit of knowledge due to the actions of some?
  6. I'm not sure I understand the idea of "going with the flow" as a submission to all instincts. The tao te ching appears (to me) to imply that one is to go with the flow of life and adapt like water while at the same time defeating your inner barriers. Example 1: "Conquering others takes force. Conquering yourself is true strength." To me, this is saying that you must win your inner battles- not let your hormones shape your decisions regarding murder/rape/etc. Also, a slighty less obvious example, Example 2: "Can you control your breath gently like a baby?" It appears to show another case of self-control: being the master of your decisions and not falling into an indifference about your actions. I don't normally cite any form of text as the basis of a view point as it makes the author appear infallible and absolute, but I think in this case my usage is warranted. It's how I understand the situation for the time being.
  7. Sheer overwhelming excitement

    It sounds like parkour for a very good reason- it is! I accept the Italiano bearhug with open arms, haha. Thanks for sharing your story, I'm glad you found your feet. Hopefully in a few months time, I too will be able to look back on the experience and be thankful for it. At the moment it all looks very grim, but I'm sure that when the emotional baggage fades out I'll be able to look at the situation more objectively and see what I did learn from it. Bearhug right back at ya
  8. Sheer overwhelming excitement

    Haha, thanks for the kind welcome I don't mind the advertisement, I'm sure drew means well
  9. Sheer overwhelming excitement

    I'm a die-hard skeptic when it comes to alternate medicine/healing, but with little to lose, I'll approach it with an open mind. It looks interesting and a small voice inside me is beckoning me to give it a try. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for the welcome, Trunk
  10. Sheer overwhelming excitement

    Hello everybody =) I wouldn't say I'm entirely new to the sorts of things discussed on this forum- just rusty. Assuming you didn't click on this thread in search of a life story, I'll attempt to cut this one short. Many months ago I was a dedicated practitioner of a discipline dedicated to movement. The goals associated with the discipline were simply to be like water in your environment, attaining the ability to adapt to any landscape and being able to move accordingly in any situation- particularly situations of reach and escape. The discipline mixes running/climbing/swinging/vaulting/jumping/dropping/etc with a sharp mentality and underlying philosophy. As a practitioner of 4 years, I was becoming quite skilled physically and very fulfilled mentally (or so I thought). I began reading into taoism and learning from as many people as I could come into contact with, wandering an undefined path with no goals other than to enjoy the journey. 18 months ago, I let my guard down and fell in love. A relationship which destroyed my very spirit ensued. My principles, my perspectives, my independence, I let it all go. My happiness was attached to something outside of myself and outside of my control. So far out, I might add, that it soon vanished completely and I was frequenting the doctors with unaccountably harsh depression. I was no longer training, no longer reading, no longer motivated- no longer myself. However, upon digging out my old, battered Tao Te Ching and momentarily entertaining the ideas within it, I decided to go on a small trip during which I would make some very challenging decisions and swallow a lot of pride. The trip marked an enormous shift in my attitude and the end of my battle with depression. Upon ending the relationship I was in, dropping my worries, relieving myself of the burden of the past and anxiety about the future, I began picking up where I left off back in July 2008. I'm now at a point where I'm regularly reading websites such as this one, along with some old books and videos. I'm training again regularly, slowly integrating my old lifestyle back into my current circumstance, including my dieting habits, yoga practise and perspectives on life. So as I said, I'm not entirely new to this sort of thing- just rusty. Perhaps a little shaken too. I'm looking forward to adding my questions and thoughts to the discussions here as I begin piecing my life back together and heading back down the path I used to walk so long ago. I'm excited to be here and thankful for all the insight you people have already offered through your posts. I'd get started right away, but it's getting late and I'm feeling tired. Sleep is in order. Much love