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  1. KAP

    Good attempt to divert attention from the real issue and turn this issue into something else. I just quoted a number I read about and let me try to find the link where I found it. I joined the board an hour ago but when did I say I was not following the discussion? So enough of the diversion tactics. My intention certainly is NOT to hit on your or Santi's business. I have purchased two ebooks from Uma Tantra and know Santiago quite well. I have also seen some youtube videos. I stated clearly that I don't know if you guys are really donating money some place or just saying that every other post here to create an impression. I don't know, so I cannot judge. But I DO know of what I am talking of as I have served as Analyst for top organizations in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and have also been with UNO for a bit. I felt it needs to be told that you are taking money from hardworking folks and throwing it all away for a wrong cause, if you're really doing that. I don't accuse you of scam here, just of ignorance. So, you still thinking of a comeback for Drew? I have more about the other two organizations to share but I'll wait. Did you say you were enlightened again? Mama, please tell that to your boys. Unlike most other forums, people here, san some of your boys, think rationally
  2. KAP

    I don't know about Mr. Vajrasattva so can't comment but most of those who claim to give something to charities are simply throwing a lie at gullible public. Instead, they should simply say: %X is what you pay me and %Y is what you need to pay to Charity X (instead of I taking the money from you and claiming to donate..or not! lol) I was hired by a local state government in India to research and publish a report on various NGOs and charity organizations that "claim" to help poor, children, flood relief etc. etc. What really shocked me was that NONE of these really gave any money to the needy. The was hardly any money reaching the Indian shores and what little reached was gobbled by the corrupt in the NGOs and local bureaucrats. Corruption is really the secondary issue. Islamic charities are a much bigger problem. Most of the money funded to these charities are seldom used to help the needy. And in a rare cases if they are, only Muslims are provided food or medical help and used to convert others to Islam using basic amenities as a bait. 99% of the time, the funds go to Madrasas which are breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism. Hardcore Muslim clerics siphon off the money from these resources to support Jehadic organizations. I personally took stock of about 133 Madrasas across India and made of list of supposed Islamic Charities and no money from charities were used for anything other than conversion or Islamic funding. I cannot talk about particular organizations or take names but Islamic Relief is the last organization you should be donating to. I suggest those donating money to do some homework before they jump their guns and decide to pick some Islamic organization solely because they admire Silat or Sufism. All you are doing is fund Islamic terrorists who kill 8 people every minute across Asia. I agree there are other terrorists but I can only talk of Islamic organizations here as that's what I studied. Good luck to all, merry Christmas and Happy new year. Au revoir
  3. Hello

    Just saw this one and decided to write something. Hello Bums.