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  1. Request for a personal practice forum

    Hello, I would be grateful to TTB tech team if I could be granted with a practice journal Thank you
  2. Antibiotics

    Hi cat, I don't know how it goes in the US, but in Europe, besides the common essences/roots ( don't know the exact term for that in english) from which homeopathic remedies are prepared and that you can find anywhere, you can ask pharmacies to prepare special remedies based on the antibiotic substance you want to release (this is called _Isotherapy_ it triggers the body into releasing the harmful physical substances, and their energetic imprints). So you won't find it online...You may have to go to a pharmacy/laboratory that specializes into homeopathy. Of course the costs are higher for this type of remedy because there are prepared on demand. Hope it helps a bit! Fachao,
  3. Antibiotics

    Hi ralis, I have just seen your thread. I am glad your are doing better. After your treatment you can take an homeopathic remedy prepared with the Clindamycin in high dilutions to clean your body, unless you nourish doubts against homeopathy Be well, fachao
  4. Love and Relationships

    Hi cat, Here it is: Best, Fachao

    Happy New Year! please follow the link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15607_dont-worry-be-happy_music Blessing to all
  6. Hi Taotao tano, You will find the answer to your question in the _Flying Phoenix Chi Kung_ thread. Sifu Terry Dunn has already answered it at least a couple of times. Although the thread is long, it is worth reading it entirely, you will find a lot of food for your practice. Have a nice day. Fachao
  7. longevity of Tibetan masters

    Hi Starjumper7, I am glad that you have found a good teacher and a good system. If conditions are met in several decades (taobum forum still exists, you and me and others still around) feel free to post ! Living testimonials are not so numerous. I wish you a long and meaningful life! I usually don't post a lot.Yes, we should all think twice (or preferably more) before pushing the wrong button (reply) for the wrong reason. Have a happy new year! Fachao
  8. longevity of Tibetan masters

    Hi TheSongsofDistantEarth, Yes, I know that. It is just that it all began because starting this thread, I gave birth to a new field/space and topic where a battle could and did take place. So, I feel some responsability: since I opened it, I can also suggest that people walk away from it if contributor's intentions are not good , and it only has the power of a suggestion. But,I have no problem with going on with it if it turns out to be a more constructive space.
  9. longevity of Tibetan masters

    Hi robmix, Thank you for your contribution.I had already seen in my web wanderings what you are referring to with your link. I am always impressed with this cases, and I am also a firm believer of the power of what qi manipulation can do (in chinese medicine or even in Feng Shui). To me this is not in question. It is just a matter of time and patience to see it plainly recognized. What I was questioning in this thread is longevity, i-e the ability to live longer than the average. This notion is anyway not easy to deal with because it lacks of clear scientific definition. But it doesn't damage to ask the question. Fachao
  10. longevity of Tibetan masters

    Hi ralis, I really understand your concern, and at some point I have the same, that's the reason why I asked. I don't necessarily buy everything I read, or hear. I think it is really a personal and subjective matter because it may be very difficult to really prove something. Almost everyone here knows the scientific studies about qigong benefiting health (for both prevention and cure to some extent). There are less about hatha-yoga, but it seems that it can help. But we are also aware of few people having practiced qigong or yoga for decades AND having cancer or life threatening diseases. Explaining clearly and in a rational way why may be hard work. One can mention karma, incorrect practice, low quality systems but in the end... As far as longevity is concerned, fear of death or illness is often here twisting one's judgment, not talking about all the other causes of biases. Fachao
  11. longevity of Tibetan masters

    Hi all, Thank you for your answers. @Vajrahridaya Your post is very interesting. Something to ponder over.. Best wishes, Fachao
  12. Dear Bums, It might not be the best place to post this, but I think that some valuable Buddhists bums are in this registered here and can help. So please Taobums, accept my apologies. It seems to me that Tibetan masters don't have a life span superior to the average people although they have mastered the yogic practices of their tradition. Please don't read my post as a way of suggesting that Tibetan yogic practices are inferior to Taoists..I have high respect for both! _/\_ Am I making an error? If not, I am wondering whether it could be linked to the nature/aim of their yogic practice: - more directed at spiritual realizations than physical longevity? - taxing the physical level to nourish the spiritual level? Can anyone here share some insights about it? Thanks Fachao edited to clarify the content of my post and correct the wording
  13. Kung Fu for Philosophers

    Hi Forest of Emptiness, Thank you! Be well Fachao