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  1. Hi from Switzerland!

    guys, thank you for the welcome!
  2. John Chang Video

    now i'm confused! what counts and what doesn't? and I strongly disagree with the statement "heaven's will will send you a master" or similiar bullox. It's about my life force which was given me since my birth. Why should it be someone else's will to be able to strengthen it? it's full of contradictions!
  3. Hi from Switzerland!

    Hi all, nice to meet you I live in Zurich, Switzerland, M, 26. My first contact with the Tao was Kosta Danao's book "nei kung". I bought it since i was practicing Wing Tsun for about a year and it seemed interesting to me. After that I soon discovered John Chang's vids on the net, and bought some cool books from Mantak Chia about the healing Tao. Well, that's where I emerged from, my quiet little corner. I hope to spend a great time with you all! Namaste Ali