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  1. Looking for an qigong enthusiasts living in Canada. I will do a long-distance QI experiment with him.E-mail me. [email protected]
  2. Ginseng vs. Arctic root

    These herbs are not suitable for taking.
  3. Do some people have experience about the "distant reiki" ?
  4. Do some people have the experience of distant Reiki? People who do not have real skills who sending remote Reiki will undermine their health and even death. Some of China's Qigong teachers also died for this reason. So they decided to teach students to be healthy.
  5. I do not believe "Reiki",and "distant Reiki". Who can tell me the difference between Japan reiki & Taoist Qi?
  6. 中国电影

    《太极张三丰》,taoist moive
  7. You have high blood lipids? You can take a small amount of rhubarb.
  8. At this time not to practice, to stop down.Cranial pressure rise, or high blood pressure is dangerous. Your QI has come off-limits, was imprisoned in... It was too late to"bring your QI down to QIHAI".
  9. Qi is NOT Energy

    Practice comes real knowledge!
  10. Why Taoism is different

    TAO can not be described. But Taoism aspired YANGSHEN(阳神)living forever.
  11. hi