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  1. Closing in Qigong/Meditation practice

    Doing CLOSING after practicing qigong and/or meditation depends on what you have OPENED? It would be not necessary for many of us. Correct me if I am wrong .
  2. Going to China, Question to Dao Zhen

    Hi all; I bring back this topic. I would like to know if any of our Bums went to Wudang Shan with this generous offer of Teacher Hu and Dao Zhen? It was back in 2008. This year 2010, Teacher Hu again offers 2 workshops in Wudang Shan. If yes then could you please share your experience and possibly the teaching of Teacher Hu? If no then should we ask Teacher Hu to sponsor of our Bum again this year? In kind regards.
  3. macrocosmic orbit

    Here is a 1st Ed. of the book: If you like it, you can order it.
  4. macrocosmic orbit

    Here is my two cents: As Kate and Sykk mentioned: traditionally we need to fully build up Qi in the Dantien. Once Dantien is full, it will first travel in the Microcosmic Orbit not to the legs because of the lotus sitting. That is why Microcosmic Orbit is likely to obtain first. Since you follow some of Dr. Yang instructions, you may want to read his book titled "Qigong for Health and Martial Arts" for more details. I hope it helps. Best.
  5. Inversion table exercise

    Hi there, I think the exercise #6 of this routine is what you are looking for: The thing I admire Dr. Bookspan the most is her approach is very fun and you can apply it every moment of your life. I hope that helps. Best.
  6. Taoist Practices

    I would like second this. I just want to thank Eric for his book titled "Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy". Hope you are well.
  7. One more short story: Annoyed Homeless Child

    Very touching. Thank you!
  8. How to die?

    Good topic! I like the posted article. The article is short and I would like to read more. Could anyone advise where I can read more about the stages of awakening?
  9. Beginner question on Tan Tien breathing

    If so, I would like you to read this: Also, check for posts by Dao Zhen on this forum.
  10. Does any know how much time daily a serious student of Master Wang spend on doing below practices? Thank you!
  11. A Poisoned World documentary

    Thank you for sharing this. I have watched some of the vids before. Very sad indeed. More and more people will know about these, but the question is how can we do to make a better World? or you think we are completely doomed?
  12. Enlightenment-a TTB definition.

    That is good point. But in order to do that we need to unlearn almost everything we have acquired, and that is not an easy and quick task. The founder of the Dragon Gate sect said that: Freedom is when you have no thought, Immortal Enlightenment is when you have nothing in your mind. I was wondering: what is that in our mind?
  13. Traditional etiquette of sifu-student relationship?

    Old Man Contradiction: I have some articles related to your training. If possible, can you PM your email, I am happy to give it. Cheers,
  14. Jerry Alan Johnson books

    sykkelpump, thank you.