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  1. Chinese Herbs and Tonics for Health

    I am using He Shou Wu due to kidney problems. My acupuncturist prescribed me to use it to tonify my kidneys and nourrish the blood. Last autumn i lost 50% of my hair because of tyroid malfunciton and what i can see now is my hair regrows...i dont know if its Shou Wu related of not tho. I also eat a fruit called Gou Ji Zi....i recommend it so much. This is my experience so far with chinese herbs for health.
  2. Five Animal Frolics This is the PRC Standardization of Hua Tuo's Five Animal frolics.
  3. If I could start over...

    Gurmukh dvd'S are dope....
  4. Five Animal Frolics

    Allo! I do practice these exercises. I really enjoy this qigong. I use the standardised chinese goverment routine. And when i am done with the set i just go and play spontaneously with the 5 animals movements. I checked the link you provided and the videos i enjoyed them really much keep on good practice
  5. Cultivation and attractiveness

    Thankx for taking time to reply me Yuen I feel sad to know mister Yu passed away. I hope not. As i had plans to meet him next summer. So now plan b would be his son if he still teach. About Shi Ming I think mid sixties is quite young for a Taiji master to die. I heard he had a big disease in his spine wich he caught by always sleeping on hard floor outside in his park. What make me sad is Ruyi Taiji is a real treasure of chinese real martial arts. Really not well known, Shi Ming attained a high level of martial and also of spiritiality. Ruyi Taiji can bring so much to humanity. If Shi Ming didnt die i think Ruyi would be known as much as Feng Zhiqiang's Hunyuan Taijiquan. Both systems is the proof that chinese martial arts are evolving, changing and bringing martial arts always into higher levels....their works are immense and the systems, Ruyi Taiji and Hunyuan Taiji are my passion, i see great genius in both masters. Ruyi Taijiquan was a very low profile school and after Shi Ming's passing was not actively advertised and as a result I think numbers of practitioners began to dwindle. They were also in direct competition with Chen style which is often much more appealing to those who begin to take interest in Taijiquan as it often looks more impressive to the untrained eye! Yeah people get all impressed when they see Chen Taijiquan cuz of the fajing and the stomping they do...well i think people meet the teachers they deserve according to past karma connections and their own developpement needs... I have a question in Ruyi Taijiquan what kind of static qigong did they practice? I also heard that Jet Li when he did is movie taiji masters went to see Shi Ming ans asked to teach him the routines and master Shi told him if you want to learn with me you will learn all the basics for many months like everyone else...then Jet left. hahaha
  6. Cultivation and attractiveness

    I really wish i can learn some Ruyi Taijiquan. Shi Ming was really a special person from what i heard. Too bad he died young. I wish i can learn then from Yu Lianqing or maybe Shi Ming's son. In my city, Montreal ,there is 2 persons who studied with him , Yannick Benoit and Francine Tellier but they dont teach the style. So the only option is to go to China directly.
  7. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

    T.L. Rampa is not a representative of traditional Vajrayana....but i really enjoyed the books before and reading them was the stepping stone to go to a tibetan buddhism center and then learn authentic Vajrayana I am still a fan of him in certain ways as the books are fun to read. I think Mr. Rampa was for many people the entry door to spiritual quest and practice ...even tho its not authentic tibetan buddhism by definition the books had a positive impact on many levels....
  8. Oooo nobles dakas and dakinis!

    1000 mercis for the warm welcome
  9. Oooo nobles dakas and dakinis!

    i am from Montreal Canada just founded this forum today, its awsome! great topics great people true blessing. I practice Taijiquan , qigong and also Vajrayana buddhism. More focusing on qigong now..especially therapeutic and healing. Interests in also music, science, mythology, history, studying human behavior...