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  1. Howdy howdy

    Ok. Care to point me to any good ones? I am new and all.....
  2. Howdy howdy

    Oh I look within plenty, I assure you. Problem is that tends to turn up more questions than answers. Thus my seeking of outside help lol.
  3. Howdy howdy

    Hi there! For this particular forum I'll use the name Malific. Since I've been young the one thing I've always wanted more than anything is immortality. True and real immortality, preferably on the physical plain. Sadly, my life thus far has been filled with following rules and orders and being surrounded by insfufferable morons. Just recently I dropped everything, left my home and all of my belongings, and set out. Now all I own is my laptop, the clothes on my back, and my road traveling gear. I've heard many theories since I've started my research and the ones that don't sound like the retarded ramblings of a ninety year old evangelist seem to point towards chinese philosophical teachings. Bearing that in mind I set out to find information and stumbled across this site. That being said, if anyone would care to discuss or point me in the direction of more information, I'd be delighted to hear from you.