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  1. Agape, I used to feel like this a lot until I realized that it's not women in particular it's stupidity and that applies as much to women as to men. You figure the average I.Q. is a base 100, then at least 50% must be stupider than that. Very few people in general are creative or passionate about life, they have no dreams or ambitions and are just barely above the level of a functional retard. Intelligence, passion, creativity, hard work, dedication, vision, I agree those are traits usually men have more so than than women, but not many men have them. The majority of women are as you describe, boring, dull leaches just acting as parasites to men and popping out babies for 18 years of payments, but I've met some pretty retarded men also. We as men are just as bad in our own right, we foolishly and intentionally put ourselves in situations to have our blood sucked by women, and enjoy every minute of it. We give them 1/2 our wealth when we marry them, and pledge our support for at least 18 years financially with each child. That's just a given, you play with fire you get burned, and we are pyromaniac moth's drawn to women flame. The problem isn't women, its stupidity and lack of passion. The ignorant masses of our population could vanish overnight and we wouldn't be missing anything. Women in my opinion are not lesser than men on average, it's that we have too many stupid people on this earth. There is a movie called idiocracy, watch it.
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