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  1. Hello From The Dynamic Tao

    hi wayne welcome. michaeld
  2. Enlightenment And Evolution

    "Anyhow,thats what Im on about. Do you think theres any validity in the idea that Interiority can ALSO be hijacked bt the ego-project? Its certainly my impression." Hi Cloud Recluse: Yes, I do think that ego can be sufficiently powerful to wrest control of "Interiority?" as well as other aspects of my psyche which are also sometimes weak, sometimes strong. Motive , I think, plays a role in the contest between the diverse constructs of personality as to who might be at the microphone at any given moment in time and power is the coin of the realm as to who speaks and who doesn't. Thanks for your very thoughtful response. michaeld
  3. Selfishness Switch

    Hi Darebak; I'm stuck "on" selfishness and I can't find my switch. michaeld
  4. Enlightenment And Evolution

    Cloud Recluse; I have never considered a possible relationship between enlightenment and evolution. If I look at enlightenment from the taoist viewpoint, I envision it as reaching some sort of state of being where all questions concerning the world outside drop away and I begin to live from the inside, relegating the outside to smoke and mirrors. I might then say that enlightenment is rebirth and that, as a thing among the myriad things, I would begin the process of evolving once again. If I look at evolution as the process of movement through time and the accompanying changes to the things which comprise me, then I can take the position that, at this moment in time, I am somewhere on the path of evolution and that enlightment may be only a transition in me which encompasses no knowing or understanding and which is merely one of an infinite number of evolutionary changes to which my components may be subjected. michaeld
  5. Hi Every One

    Studied G for a number of years. Have since moved on. G espoused a lot of Taoist thinking so I went looking for the horse from whose mouth I might get some 1st hand understanding. Thanks for the hello.
  6. Hi Every One

  7. Hi Every One

    Hello all; I'm michaeld. Found the bums in a casual search. I've been a student for 17 years now. Still working on the development of a single I. I will hang around this site for a while.