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  1. I have a serious problem

    What can someone take from you if you have nothing to take? What can someone do to you, unless you want them to? You can trust other people, about as well as you can trust your self.
  2. The Human Problem

    You are right! It is difficult to untie the knots though. Projection, is a tricky thing. It would be like a cat, knowing that he is a cat. Or a bear, knowing that he could rip you to shreds, if all he had to do was wanted to. So I'm not so sure we can unlearn anything. I think, we just have to learn better, wouldn't you agree? Follow our principles to the best of our ability, at the moment, and understand that it is a process ... just like everything else. Nice conversation btw, MarbleHead Peace. Janell
  3. The Human Problem

    Oh yes! I do know! Peace and Love to you too!
  4. The Human Problem

    Yep. Getting a thought expressed is a delicate matter and it can also get you kicked off a forum! hehe Janell
  5. Semen Retention & Modern Day Society

    You can't "grasp" it because it's always changing. It's not something solidified yet! It's like trying to nail jello onto a wall. Can't happen. So why do you even try? A person can drive themselves CrAzY trying to figure themselves out you know. All you need to know about yourself is that you will do the best that you can do, at any given moment! And sometimes our best isn't good enough, so we get to do it all over again! Hang in there kid. It does get easier! Love, Janell
  6. I Had An Experience Today. I Will Never Forget It!

    Glad I could help Leon but I don't think I told you anything you didn't already know. So. Music. I love music! Beethoven is my favorite! And then when I want to get my spirit up, I listen to some Falling I wake or Pearl Jam. And then when I'm mellow I like to listen to some Natives, Peter Kater or something of that nature. It all depends on what I'm trying to accomplish. They are all angels, in my eyes Janell
  7. The Human Problem

    Ah. Good story! I remember that one. I think though that he was making the best out of disaster. I doubt he changed his principles ... and maybe those were his principles. To make the best out of life. But the best isn't always easy. It is the high road .... eh? Spontaneously? I don't think so. They live in the moment. Time is nothing to the great sage. One minute could be a thousand years, so what's the rush, right? What I have learned through my own observations my new friend, is that we never know .... what the next second will bring. We alone are at the mercy of this great and wonderful thing, we call life ... Love and Peace to you, Janell
  8. I Had An Experience Today. I Will Never Forget It!

    Hmmm. Interesting. Dark spirits? But they are you my friend. They are how you see yourself. If you see yourself as something to be afraid of, then you will be something to be afraid of, get it? It's about shadows, darkness and doubt. There is no light in the shadows, so you need to lighten up What do you have doubts about? God? Existence? Your self, maybe? Suicide is NOT the answer You would miss being alive and possibly being an immortal!
  9. The Human Problem

    Why not? You have not changed that much have you? Do you not have any principles? You know, the way of a sage is living through his principles, right? The narrow path. Walking the thin line. This is the way of the great sage. Not picking berries, my new friend. Chapter 2 When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises When it knows good as good, evil arises Thus being and non-being produce each other Difficult and easy bring about each other Long and short reveal each other High and low support each other Music and voice harmonize each other Front and back follow each other Therefore the sages: Manage the work of detached actions Conduct the teaching of no words They work with myriad things but do not control They create but do not possess They act but do not presume They succeed but do not dwell on success It is because they do not dwell on success That it never goes away
  10. hello

    Well gosh Marble Head. I'm glad you got a little laugh. I hope you didn't get too choked up about it. Maybe I will make you laugh again. Janell
  11. I Had An Experience Today. I Will Never Forget It!

    Sounds like an adrenalin rush to me ... I could be wrong but ... It doesn't mean though that you didn't have an experience, cuz you did. I've been doing this for a while and trust me when I tell you that it's nothing out of this world. Out of this world is when your body is invaded by a spirit or something of that sort. Then that, is SuPeR NaTuRaL and it's also something you don't really question ... or brag about ... Later, Janell
  12. Semen Retention & Modern Day Society

    Oh Good Lord! can't you find something else to talk about. I mean man, that's sick .... perverse.
  13. hello

    Thanks Y'all. What do you want to talk about? Let's talk about Immortals or something cool like that! Janell
  14. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    My spirit darted forth and did not return to me, And my body, left tenantless, grew withered and lifeless. Then I looked into myself to strengthen my resolution, And sought to learn from where the primal spirit issues. In emptiness and silence I found serenity; In tranquil inaction I gained true satisfaction. I heard how once Red Pine had washed the world's dust off: I would model myself on the pattern he had left me. I honoured the wondrous powers of the Pure Ones, And those of past ages who had become Immortals. They departed in the flux of change and vanished from men's sight, Leaving a famous name that endures after them.