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  1. How to Contact The Ascended Masters

    It may seem a bit naive to people summoning such weird beings, but I have always trusted in the spiritual guidance of my departed relatives. As well as knowing their energy intimately and being able to trust them completely, they are very patient and understanding of my ignorance. I would recommend that people searching for an astral teacher look a bit closer to home.
  2. 3rd Eye full moon force

    some thief stole the moon from out my window it's not important but you get used to certain things always being there like eyes and teeth like the squishy discs in your spine I count them when it is quiet they are all present and correct it's fine I checked them again while you slept by the light of the moon
  3. Astral Projection

    Hi Kali, All the other peeps are giving sound advice, I read the books of Robert Monroe, supposedly one of the best known AP'ers out there. His book "Adventures beyond the body" is a very informative and entertaining read, and in fact I find AP easier when I've been doing lots of reading and feeling out of the subject. Be warned, if you are unprepared for high weirdness it may not be something you want. In the end my AP practice sublimated into a regular lucid dreaming pattern, because direct AP techniques were bringing me face to face with my own demons. I ended up in a kind of "armed robbery in hell" scenario where I was battling evil constantly, and it became really draining. It wasn't until I realised these thing were as much inside me as outside that I began to mellow and have fun. If you meet demons or "evil" entities they find warmth and love much more unbearable than violence and anger. Give them funny hats and funky music to dance to, they really don't like that. I can see the sense in buddhist notions of spiritual purity when dealing with the astral plane, as any emotional vibration will draw you to that emotional plane. Try lucid dreaming techniques first, as AP seems to me to be a high end, high frequency version of this mental state. I'm no expert, but I have been trying for years to make a difference on the astral plane and lucid dreaming is far more organic and empowering, and is pretty much the same technology. Remember to have fun and use LOVE as your basic vibration and you'll be fine. Sabretooth, that was the most striking thing about my first experience, the actual feel of the etheric body out in the world, air and light have very different effects on the subtle body. Electric lights hurt my etheric eyes!
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "When there is no justice, the ninja appear, they need no great amount of skill, or training, just the will to endure." Ashida Kim "Princes and kings may gain some temporary advantage through force, but the the only lasting accomplishments are achieved through love. This is the first lesson of Ninjitsu." Ashida Kim These two quotes have an enormous influence on me! You all probably heard it before but I love typing them out.
  5. WhiteLionStyle

    Hi all, just doing my obligatory greeting post. Here are my websites and stuffs for you to look at: http://whitelionstyle.blogspot.com http://sub-luminal.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/benjamindonnelly I practice Tai Chi and Ninjitsu foremost, but working towards my own integrated style that combines many of the disciplines I have studied over the years, but also incorporating artistic and aesthetic disciplines. This is white lion style and it may be presumptuous but that's part of it too I'm gonna screw up on my own terms and may all the buddhas and smiling gods watch over me.