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  1. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    Well, in which case... There must be two of those down on him, already.
  2. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    Yes, the classical "i am better then everyone else" syndrome... I did that when i was like 15. Are you, by chance, 15?
  3. Eight Immortals

    Pffft, commnist? No way! I'm sure they;re against violence! Probably socialist!
  4. Eight Immortals

    Thanks very much. So, about order of deities... the main highets deity is The Three Pure Ones, then the jade emperor, and then the 36 heavenly marshals?
  5. War stories are fun only if you're in the Military... No one else understands, truly. I'm willing to listen.
  6. Eight Immortals

    thanks cowtao. I assumed it was as simpel as that Thank you! Maybe they will even have a small taoist temple in said china town
  7. Eight Immortals

    thanks, i have been there before.. i will try searching. Leon - you are welcome bro.
  8. Eight Immortals

    Alright, i will look it up sometime. I'm actually a fan of any taoist deities. I guess it comes from my tibetan buddhist years. Zhi
  9. Eight Immortals

    thank you, haha. Shoulda tried that... have you found color images of each of the respective immortals? About taoist statues in the usa, or at least deity cards? Just wondering.
  10. Eight Immortals

    Hey all. I've enjoyed reading the stories of the eight immortals for some time. here are some luinks to such stories. Does anyone have color pictures of the immortals? The only ones i can find are black and white. links: Also, how do you worship the eight immortals? thank you, sherab
  11. Qigong video

    Best of luck, i mat go ahead and learn with you.. let me see how detailed the video is.
  12. religious taoism

    thank you
  13. MT

    I'm going to be tossing some darkness in here, cant have all light....
  14. religious taoism

    Hi Stigweard, I know we have had differences in the past, esp. about pandittree but i just wanted to thank you for helping me in this thread.. you're not as bad as PT may lead me to believe. thanks again I'm not against you, i just think there is a little bit of truth in anything someone says, even if it is painful. Same thing with what you said to pandittree about his/her faults. <3, Sherab/ Zhi