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  1. Love you all

    hi everyone just want to reach out to all of you and thank you for this great site i've been lurking for some time and am eager to post! btw, i'm interested in tumo, the warming breathing/meditations bhudist monks do to warm themselves (even dry wet blankets). does anyone know this technique or where to find out more about it? i hear it might be related to vase breathing, does that ring a bell? anyways thanks to all of you! love !
  2. Love you all

    ok sounds a bit out of my league, i still looked for those keywords because i haven't ever heard of them and didn't find much about "accumuklations (ngon do)" are there other yogas that promote warming? got really cold hands and feet lately and possibly a low thyroid tendence (although doctors say it's still in the ok range, i'm in my twenties so it shouldn't be borderline) also, would warming exercises adress candida? naturopath suggested i mighe have some candida, related to my allergies.
  3. Infinity Energy in Macau

    hi Infinity Energy! i've felt this i have experienced it while playing around with psiballs (energy between hands) and while doing taichi. it feels like a magnetic force. sometimes it feels like i can direct it. others it feels like it takes me. can even end up dancing around if you feed/follow it far enough you got more info on this? has me very interested (crazy heh) !!! (note to self: experiment with this when shrooming next time!)