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  1. Multi-Orgasmis Man

    Hi wyg I have read Mantak Chia's Multi Orgasmic Man- I then went on to research Taoism. Slowly but surely this has changed my way of life. I am in a long and loving relationship with my wife and sexually active together. Early last year I was having ''performance anxiety'' problems and with the support of my wife and M O M tried the techniques described. My whole approach to lovemaking changed;gradually moving toward the Eastern way my anxiety vanished as I practised the seperation of ejaculation and orgasm; with retention of semen. With the increased vitality I now posses my orgasmic capacity has no boundaries and can perform at any time. The desire is always present but am respectful of my wife who has yet to be enlightened [ am working on this] She is orgasmic but has yet to discover the divine bliss and ecstasy of whole body orgasms. I am encouraging deep breathing;PC exercises;deep vaginal/uterine contractions to move and circulate her sexual energy. Taoism has taught me new perspectives on diet/nutrition /exercise/the power of breath/the human body/mind and spirit/calmness and the joy of being and not just doing.
  2. New Tao seeker

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  3. New Tao seeker

    Hello all I'm new here. Discovered Taoism several months ago when having erection problems. Married for over 40 years in a loving sexual relationship I was, with hindsight, suffering from performance anxiety. My wife was very supportive and understanding during this period. I'm now learning the Eastern way with unbelievable[to me] results. The approach is so different from the Western way. All the anxiety has gone and the outlook is very positive. Mantak Chia and Daniel Ried are the two authors on the reading list at the moment and I've found tham both highly enlightening and am gently encouraging/coaxing my wife to discover other aspects of her sexuality that will guide her towards deeper and more satisfying physical and spiritual experiences in our life together. I feel that through the Tao we can become as one and take our relationship to a higher plane. Peace and kind regards to everyone