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  1. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    Is a forum really the proper place to for this? It seems to me a PM approach would be more appropriate. I don't like reading ANY of this. It reads just like a gossip column and feels just as slimy. Any personal issues should be dealt with directly. Especially considering the level of practitioners involved. I believe every one of them deserves more respect that this. Just my opinion. I mean it with the best intention.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Now, put the guns back in the holster Texan! Seriously, stop overreacting. You're being kind of a butt in your approach. Everyone involved with Mantra Productions does their best. I've seen Max and Chris give MORE than 100% of themselves. It comes from the heart. If you only knew..... They've sacrificed A LOT. Chris has spent A LOT of time on the computer helping people. You just assume. No one is perfect, though (not even you, Texan) and you just can't please everyone. I'm glad we helped the people we did. We met some amazingly beautiful souls through this venture. It felt so good to see miracles transpire and to know that we played a small role in helping organize to bring things together. It so sad to see the criticism, even if it is from a faceless, nameless internet attack. There are some wonderful people that you are lashing out at. Very sad.
  3. Kunlun follow up poll

    Now, you're just a little trouble-maker, too, aren't you? Misconstruing comments. I welcomed this person to PM me. They can keep their anonymity. I don't like forums. Peace.
  4. Kunlun follow up poll

    If you never got an answer, then you probably didn't deserve one. Sorry. It's true. Maybe your email was lost, maybe it wasn't received, maybe it was divine intervention, maybe it just wasn't as important as the other 100 emails that day. There are a million possibilities. Who knows? If this is Gloria, then I did respond to you. Whoever you are, you have a lot to work through. I hope you can let go of your negative feelings and stop dwelling on things. They will only make you rot inside. I mean it when I say that I wish you happiness. I think I remember why I don't get on forums. So much negativity. Best Wishes. Maybe I'll try again in another year.
  5. Kunlun follow up poll

    I guess I should start by telling you who I am. My name is Eileen. I am with Mantra Productions and I am the girl with the dark brown hair who is usually checking people in and doing paperwork at the door. Maybe you can PM me and tell me who you are because I'm sure we've met. If not, I respect your anonymity. I don't want to "define" a "Kunlun addict". That's absurd. I'm just saying that it was starting to become an issue. Yes, there are times when there is a need to ask questions. The important questions (usually regarding health) have ALWAYS been answered very quickly. As for the Kunlun forum, there are lots of eyes and ears (close friends and long-time students) there and if there's something that seems really important, it does get back to Chris and, if necessary, Max. Many times there is no perfect answer. Each person has a different, individual experience. Again, the answers are all within us. It does take time and patience to figure some things out but it's always there. It's a characteristic of people in the West to want to be given all the answers. We're so used to having answers at our fingertips. When we can't find these answers, it's gets discouraging. I'm not sure what problems you were having but, as someone else on the forum mentioned, it does sound like you are or were on the verge of an opening. It's often not a pleasant experience (emotionally or physically) and during these times we tend to question a lot of things and point fingers. I've gone through it, and still do. When I trust myself and trust the process, things are much more pleasant. If I'm going through an experience that I don't like (in my practice or in life in general), it's usually because I have to learn something from it. There's always a lesson. I'm going to probably refrain from getting on the forum for awhile. Until the other day, I think it had been a year since I'd been here, so I apologize if I respond slowly or if I don't respond. I rarely get on the forums because they just draw me in and and suck away all my free time. Besides, Chris is much better at this than I. If anyone ever needs something, feel free to PM me. I'll always eventually respond.
  6. Kunlun follow up poll

    Hi Oceanside, The forums can make things confusing and I think the attitudes and egos make it extra tough. Since everyone has different experiences, one starts to compare and wonder if they're having a "normal" response. I think taking a break might be exactly what you need. You're following your instincts and there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe you were pushing too hard? I don't know, really. Only you would know. I'd hate to speculate on your experience. I've taken breaks before and I actually grew even more during those times. Eventually the practice would start to activate on it's own and I always took it as a sign that it was time to start up again. Sorry you've had a rough time. Just trust that you're doing what's right for you.
  7. Kunlun follow up poll

    Satori, I agree with what you say, although you're sometimes a little fiery for my taste. It's okay. You're still cool in my book. I think Max has a wonderful practice that he wanted to share with the world, in order to help people. He didn't want to be looked upon as a teacher. He didn't want followers. He wanted to show a practice that would empower people to find their own power within. In that sense, it may have failed for many. Instead, people became addicted, wanted to be given all the answers. Since Kunlun is an internal process, which brings up different experiences to each individual, based on their own personal needs, the process is never the same. Each person has to venture within for the full experience. Max approached this venture with the right spirit, anticipating a good response. Chris definitely had the right intention. The practice did wonders for both and they wanted to share. Unfortunately, many people don't have the courage or strength to face their internal struggles alone. Those are the ones who seem to stray from the practice. They want to have someone hold their hand, they want explanations. ALL THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN US! It might take time and patience to figure it out but it's all there. I've had to take breaks from the practice, at times, when it got too intense but I figured things out and moved forward. It's a long road and I have a long way to go but it feels good to know you've conquered some of your own demons. There are many layers to the onion. Will I ever attain re-enlightenment? Who knows but I'm sure a lot healthier and happier these days. I am grateful to Max and Chris for taking the time and effort to share Kunlun. Sure, there may have been mistakes made along the way but I know every effort came from the heart. Through Kunlun I've learned to face my fears and I've learned to trust the process and especially, to trust myself.
  8. Spiritual Guides

    Two things Max always stresses: 1. Smile 2. Keep a child-like mind. If you enter the practice with this state of mind, and look at it like "playing a game", I really think you'll have a much better experience. Of course, we all have inner "demons", emotional blocks that we have to face. The practice will bring this out, as well. Still, even in these moments, trying to smile through it helps a lot. You eventually realize the absurdity of these blocks and will probably end up laughing in bliss. In the end, there is such a great feeling of clarity and peace. Hope you find the strength to try again with a fresh state of mind. Either way, smile.
  9. Kunlun Lineage

    I hate posting messages for everyone to see, but I have some concerns about your research. I, myself, have been a reporter for FOX, CBS and other news outlets for about 12 years. I spend a lot of my time doing research and "investigating" people and their backgrounds. I absolutely understand your quest for knowledge, however, I know for a fact, that you don't have the full story. By posting your partial research, you are really making Max look bad. I guarantee you, he is the real deal and there is more to this practice than his teachers would tell a stranger. Andrew Lum and Jenny Lamb are very nice people (and very powerful) but there is information they won't share with long-time students, much less, a stranger on the phone. Also, they aren't Max's only teachers. There is so much more that cannot even be understood by the average person. It would take an open mind and experience to truly understand. I took the leap because my inuition/ higher-self made me feel very strongly to do so. Also, I knew Max as a person first and foremost (not a just a teacher) and knew he was a beautiful soul who I could trust. Please complete your research before posting further information. This really could be hurtful to those of us who spend so much time trying to share this practice with others. Mantra (Chris) is working on putting together a more detailed account of Max's background. Please just be careful what you post, though. It really can be hurtful if you don't have the full story, especially because there are so many people that are looking hard for a reason to discredit Max. Blogs can really be hurtful. Max works so hard to help people and cares so much. I would really even hate for him to see what's being posted in response to your "research". I know he will, though. :-( With respect and sincerity, Dakini (Eileen Gonzales)
  10. Is KunLun Bogus?

    Why do you want to analyze the posture? The posture doesn't matter. Results matter. Tell me about results and I might care. Why are you so insistent on bashing a practice you have never tried. Maybe you have done things that are similar and maybe you are an expert at those practices, but you obviously have no knowledge of kunlun.
  11. Description of Kunlun level 1

    So then share the BOOK. Send the copy to someone you want to share it with. PDF's are COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. No matter how you look at it. That is ILLEGAL. Like ripping off music from the internet. Have some respect for Max. Don't steal. Your attitude reveals your aptitude.
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    Who bought this monkey a computer?