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  1. Very cool youtube vid that I think people here will appreciate =)
  2. This documentary is pretty disturbing. It is mostly interviews with former radical Muslims. They say that true Islam is not just a religion, but the enforcement of Sharia law, which relegates all non-Muslims to Dhimmi status, that is second class citizens. True Muslims try to emulate the prophet Muhammad, who was essentially a warlord. Under Sharia law, by a principle called Taqiyya, lying is permitted if it is for the sake of spreading Islam (Koran 3:28, 16:106). One man describes how he acted entirely differently among westerners while watching news about Americans dying in the war in Iraq, but when he went home and was among his Arab friends they would have a party. When Islam is promoted as a peaceful religion it is the earlier parts of the Koran that they are quoting, which are by a tradition of abrogation (Koran 2:106) no longer valid because the later verses that Allah gave are better. Edward Said, who wrote a book called Orientalism, did a lot to promote Islam as a religion of peace and to make accusations that Islam is radical and warmongering seen as racist or bigoted. The strongest accusations come at the end of the film, they say that Islam is not a personal religion, it is a religion that from its beginnings had a geopolitical agenda, to spread Sharia law and Arabic culture across the world. Islamic law does not allow for treaties, only "Hudna" a temporary cease fire, an opportunity to gather strength. Islam is a totalitarian ideology similar to Communism or Nazism that believes its ends justify its means. I'm just repeating what the documentary said, I'd like to do some fact checking of my own. Thoughts?
  3. Free hugs

    News report about the free hugs campaign Free hugs in Korea, this one is my favorite, he gets a pretty big crowd staring at him Free hugs around the world
  4. Zeitgeist

    I saw this film a long time ago, it's on my list of documentaries I've enjoyed on the internet. The Enemies of Reason Root of All Evil? Why We Fight War Made Easy Loose Change Zeitgeist Guns Germs and Steel Fahrenheit 911 Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore Hates America Walmart, High Cost of Low Prices Lifting the Veil of Polygamy Bible vs Book of Mormon DNA vs Book of Mormon Dangerous Knowledge America: Freedom to Fascism 20/20 America the Stupid
  5. Pan's Labyrinth

    If you haven't seen this amazing film, I highly recommend it, and if you have the patience to watch it again while listening to the director's commentary that would be even better. He reveals the typical subtle artistic details that you would expect, like color palettes, cinematography and symbolism. He also talks about the casting, that the actors were given roles that were very unusual for them and people didn't think it would work. A comedian was cast as the villain, a feminist actress was cast in a role that was quite the opposite, etc. What I enjoyed the most though was when he talked about his beliefs about magic and immortality, the power of symbols to communicate subconsciously and spiritually, and his criticism of organized religion. He believes that magic is real and immortality is achievable when you no longer care about death. He believes life is like a labyrinth, full of twists and turns, but ultimately a journey leading inward, to your true self.
  6. dangerously hot bath?

    Thanks for the info everyone, I was in there a long time, trying to be 'macho' and endure the heat, lol. I'll be more careful from now on.
  7. dangerously hot bath?

    So, this is reeeeeally random, but I figure people here know a lot about the human body and have an interest in how it works and reacts to things, so here goes. I just took a really hot bath, hotter than usual, and when I got out of the water I nearly passed out, my skin got all tingly and I felt like I was going to throw up and lose control of my bowels, I was in so much pain, so dizzy, my vision was blurry... I took my temperature and it was over 100, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I looked like a ghost, I was so pale, even my lips were about the same color as my skin. But after about 5 minutes it passed, my body regained equilibrium or something and I gradually started feeling normal again. Weird stuff. I wonder if it was the hot water alone, or maybe I have some tiny unnoticeable sickness and the hot water just lowered my immune system's defenses so it manifested itself? Anyway, just curious if anyone has ever had a similar experience or if anyone has a medical or chi/energy related explanation of what happened.
  8. I think "pop tao" if often just as valid as the more esoteric stuff, don't automatically dismiss it just because it's new or popular. As for the second teacher, the tao has a lot to do with the proper use of power, perhaps that's why he uses martial arts. And perhaps he seems like a jerk simply because he demands a lot of his students. I'm just playing the devil's advocate here, I don't know what these teachers are really like, I'm just encouraging you to keep an open mind and find out for yourself.
  9. An Observation

    I guess I'm one of the newbies ; I love this forum, I wish there were more threads about philosophical taoism and people interested in it, but there are enough to keep me coming back. I love the activity level and number of people on this forum, active enough to keep you interested on a daily basis, but not so active that you feel like you're drowning in threads that you couldn't possibly find the time to read.
  10. water fasting

    Mormons fast 2 or 3 meals once a month and make fast offerings, giving the money they would've spent on food to the church to give to the poor. So yeah, I've fasted, and it definately has health benefits, esspecially if you eat more than you should, like too many people in modern society do. But I like this simple thought from Jos Slabbert at 117 People in harmony with the Tao eat when they are hungry and rest when they are tired.
  11. Judgement -vs- Intuition?

    Judgement vs Intuition? Not a simple pairing of opposites, so I need to clarify what I think each word means first. I think of intuition as a kind of faith, it's the opposite of logic/reason. Logic and reason tell you that a sex offender is likely to be a bad person and commit more crimes in the future. Inution, wisdom, or faith in humanity might tell you that people can change and you should get to know the person before passing judgement and spreading rumors. A judgement can be made based on intuition, reason, or both. I think the reason judgement was juxtaposed with intution in the title of this thread is because most judgements we make are based on our reason, not our intuition. The best kind of judgement is based on a healthy balance of both. If you found out the guy had a criminal record as a sex offender and on top of that took the time to get to know him and he turned out to be a sleezy, lying dirtbag of a man, then you would have a fair judgement based on both.
  12. Warm Path

    Spirits and gods are real? Scientific materialism is a religion? I guess those statements are true if you stretch the definition of "real" and "religion." Spirits and gods are only real to those who believe in them. They're not real like food we eat, the air we breathe, the light that lets us see, the people we know and love. Scientific materialism is religion if you take out the supernatural mythology, the dogma, the suspension of rational thought known as faith. I have no problem with people talking about gods, spirits and the supernatural, but your holy-than-thou attitude toward science and atheism annoys me. Yes, I realize I'm doing the same thing, so I guess this post is just my way of saying
  13. Nobody's perfect- NOT!

    Everyone is perfect eh? Sure judging people can be bad but what about, I dunno, caring? I think it's okay to judge others if you care about them and you do it gently and appropriately. It seems to me like being detached from everything is just as bad as being attached to everything, calling everyone perfect is just as bad as saying no one is perfect. Gotta keep things in balance, that's what I think.
  14. Man Love

    I think lots of Harry Potter fans wish they never heard that. I think it's a good thing the way she announced it after all seven books were finished, now the really big fans may be forced to see Dumbledore, a character they love and admire, and by extension homosexuality in a different way. But since she didn't write it explicitly it doesn't "damage" the story for those who chose to ignore that bit of information.
  15. Animal Love

    I'd love a hot alien chick for the good of the species