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  1. Energy Center Above the Crown

    Thanks for this topic, this 8th chakra stuff reminds me of a meditation that is used for grounding and cleansing. It goes something like, Imagine like you are on a warm sunny day somewere in the park (or whatever makes you feel comfortable, as long you imagine a warm bright sun is shining on the top of your head) Feel the bright white light shining on the top of your head, feel it opening your head like a lotus or whatever you like. Feel the bright warm light shining down your head through your neck shoulders down into your belly and filling up your whole torso until your whole torso if filled up with bright warm light. Now the warm bright light is going through the legs, feet into the ground. etc etc. etc.
  2. How does eating lots of Sugar affect your Chi?

    I think fruits can be very good. Since i have read books from arnold ehret i think fruits are the best and most simple foods for the body. I think its also important to give the body enough time to do its job the break down the foods. I think everyone can enjoy eating as long the person gives his / here body enough time to balance itself.
  3. hellio I am Kuno