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  1. Looking for a system for health and longevity..

    Thanks for the links and comments. I checked this stillness movements qigong link briefly, seems interesting..
  2. Looking for a system for health and longevity..

    Hi everybody I'm a young man living in cold backwoods of Northern Europe. I have been interested in qigong/yoga for years now, but the problem is that I don't know which style to really start. As far I have tried this and that for some time.. I don't want to combine one exercise from one style and another exercise from some other style and then live according to some third philosophy, but want to find a complete system that I can practice for years with good results. And with results I mean good health and longevity. Also, I have to honest with myself and admit that if these good results needs hours and hours of practice everyday it's not my style. I can practise everyday, but I'm a MD and I have a wife so I need time also for work, sports and family. I will appreciate a lot if someone here can help me to find my way. Yours, Under The North Star