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  1. What Would The Sage Do?

    ... No I don't think you missed the point. This is a true story lightly disguised as fiction. I feel the sage would have went on instinct then stayed with their instinct. Also if I could point out that not all sages are warriors , not all warriors are sages. And a sages intuition in the flow as in what gets you into a situation, will get you out out of it. I really dont know though. Just to see what the sage would do? I took a course of action as you suggested ...
  2. What Would The Sage Do?

    Hi Manitou, I think the Sage would take one day at a time and express love at each opportunity, who knows what will happen . Any number of possibilities could spring up ; be fluid , be harmony . When the Sage moves the gates are open. Ok Sage Manitou may I introduce a new situation. Situation 2 The wiley old Sage is in the market place, some movement garners his attention , Its 3 ninjas attacking a fellow shopper. He sees him knocked to the ground , ending up unconcious . At that moment the 3 ninjas are moving on to do what seems like more damage. He gets a vision the guy is about to die. Now this is about 10 meters away. He has just enough time to interperet his vision and act or not. What does he do? How does he do it? Well to throw something else into the mix. Ten minutes after his vision he has an encounter with the bright spirits ( shen , angels , the 1,000 soldiers , you get my drift.) Telling him that it was a test. So you have some hindsight . Do you think it would alter your decision?
  3. What is the source of experience?

    Gravity .. then the space in the middle when a dog is chasing its tail. Umm The Tao or if its the divine spark which part? There is the part that comes from the divine, the part that returns to the divine and the part that connects us others. Maybe just the essence of the spark. Divine Love.
  4. Hun; are they yang?

    Yes i am a male Eternal_Student, Interesting yes at times, Unnerving in a Tao way 'chaos' seems never far away can spend time away from practice because of this. At nearly 50 i know push too hard and things can bite. Three female generals on the battlefield, it is what it seems like at times
  5. Hun; are they yang?

    I could see if i can send one to you, they like to play marbles. but you might not even know!! But then you might,
  6. Hun; are they yang?

    I have a question about about the Hun. But first I will relate my experiences with ...... 1 , They are three entities of pure spirit. 2 , In my subconscious they manifest as three ladies. one blonde,one brunette,one redhaired, and beautifully dressed in red and black. 3, They can take me to places in our collective unconscious. 4, Can also change my thoughts knowingly , maybe unknowingly but I wouldn't know that. 5 , Deep down in the belly, they can merge with what would our spiritual source. 6 , And if they wanted too they could knock me off my chair on to the ground. Now I had thought these were the Hun but if the Hun are yang this could not be so. Could it? So if not the Hun maybe something else. Any insights will be gratefully received
  7. Cat on a hot tin roof

    Hi Marblehead, Yeah I dig it . It's a reverse polarity of the species type of thing you see in the male the pouch is upside down, not only is the stench out of this world but you run the risk of knocking your self out on the bound,but hey, at least you have something to hold on to!! Thanks for the welcome. May your Peace & Love have no bounds.
  8. Cat on a hot tin roof

  9. Cat on a hot tin roof

    Thought I should throw my hat in the ring, and join you bums. Hi. I'm 49 yrs from Oz , I came across the Tao as a ten year old and soaked it up but have spent the years since trying to follow it on my own. So now I could use some of your cracking wisdom and almost saintly humour. Look forward to the pearls , hope I don't give you too much grit. We'll see how the Tao goes from a place where animals jump instead walking. Peace and Love .... Pete the dumb bum2.