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  1. I also share the same doubts. I think it's a matter of faith (in my case in the Buddha and Dharma). I believe in karma, rebirth and the light at the end of the tunnel too. We all want to be happy and safe forever, we just don't know how or if it's possible. However i will be honest, if tomorrow i would have the certainty that there would be absolutely no consequences of my acts, then my life (and the life of this world) will be very different. A lot of people think they are atheists but they aren't, they don't have that certainty (nobody has it luckily) and that's why they still value ethics and morals. I won't go out and kill everyone just because i could, but my mindset will definitely change for the worse. If there were no karma or "divine justice" of some sort, then a lot of rules in this world will change, life will be finite, you will be a tickling bomb and world/long term issues won't matter, only instant gratification before dying, and the extreme avoidance of suffering/pain at all costs. If you think about it, we are living in a society that's very similar to the previously mentioned...
  2. Bashar vs. The Buddha

    Yes but that's what Karma actually is. Karma is not a force or law outside of ourselves. If we suffer consequences, then we must have created the causes for them. The teaching of karma goes hand in hand with anatta/no self, so we shouldn't confuse that as having a soul which migrates from body to body. Only karma remains after each lifetime. Just my two cents.
  3. I've read somewhere that the Buddha taught different lessons/examples depending on the person spiritual and intellectual level. For common folks, karma is usually understood (at least as much as you can understand it) as being some sort of self punishment law, which it ressemble in some cases i guess. But to great kings, monks and wealthy people with high intelectual Buddha explained it much more subtlely and had it clear that the law of karma couldn't be understood perfectly by the human mind. One thing is for sure i think, and that is that unwholesome intentions & deeds eventually leads to unwholesome results, and wholesome acts reaps good benefits. But sometimes a good act from a person, could accelerate some past bad karma, which can be seen like a contradiction, but it's actually a purifying process. Of course, if you explain this to a mother who just lost her son and she's in great suffering because of this, it won't make sense to her and ceirtainly won't help her suffering. So we can all understand some basic principles of karma, but not all or even a big part of it. Kinda like we can't really envision god or the infinite, you would go crazy...
  4. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    I still haven't heard why i can't eat humans, what's the difference with animals, and why they can't be "processed" or acquired like you said. Especially human babies or mentally challenged people. My body can certainly process their meat, so it must be natural. Look, we can discuss these concepts for years and not find an answer or even understand each other. There are so many problems in this world that even if we could find a way to regulate and fix them temporarily, another ones will appear, so it's ridiculous to fight over these, but you elevated the tone of this discussion and started a rant that i don't think i deserve. But please be aware, that i didn't invent vegetarianism from my little meditation room with ikea furniture as you would have imagined. People have lived like this from many years ago, and others with a lot less meat than our current society (mediterranean diet is based on mostly vegetables and fish). And if you don't take my word, please take the word of many wise men that spoke about the benefits of this diet choice better than myself.
  5. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    No you are mistaken, i didn't say that, if you understood that then i perhaps didn't make it clear enough. I eat plants because that's the least i can do, i can't really survive without plants we can all agree, and i'm doing just fine without meat. Eating plants is like a curse, i just have to, if i could live without eating them it would be awesome. So while the majority of people eat animals AND plants, i just choose to not eat animals as i don't understand the need. We can get into the discussion about how much resources an animal needs, how many PLANTS they eat so we can eat it after that, etc. And if you want, i do make my distinction based on my experience as i said, plants don't have defense mechanisms, if they are not eaten, they just go back into the earth, there are plenty of details one should be mindful of. I'm not saying it's morally superior, it's something that seems to me more adecuate and i'm confortable doing so. I don't hear any screaming, fear in their eyes, struggle, etc. That's very important in how it imprints in our mind, and that's the difference between humans and animals too. It's not the same killing a human than killing an animal or killing a plant. That doesn't mean the human is more important than the plant though...
  6. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Again, please separate the facts, i'm not morally superior because i do morally superior acts, or viceversa. Just like a prisioner in death row is not morally inferior to me. He/she certainly could be capable of more compassion and wise ideas than myself. Meditation, vegetarianism, simple life, spiritual paths won't guarantee you a wiser life, but they will certainly help. If you want to discuss that the act of murder is "good" or has the same moral value than not killing, then this debate is over.
  7. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Explain to me the difference between animals and humans (tip : they are animals too) without resorting to a moral tale? Nature says things to you? it's natural to do that so we must do it? I should eat meat because i can? At least jews were not dismemembered and cut into pieces.
  8. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Ok, you must a miserable man i think if you assume all that about myself, i read a lot of anger in your words, you don't know nothing about me and i tried to expose my opinions respectfully. The fact is that while i was not raised in the countryside, i have family living in those conditions, and they are the most simple people, honest, good in all fronts, amazingly kind. They respect the lives of animals, and as you said it is sacred to them. I couldn't say a word to them or judge them, they are certainly not bad persons or have deviant intentions for doing that. I understand how compromises sometimes must be made. If i have to eat meat to survive, then maybe i would do it, i'm not overly concerned about this, it's not the ultimate sin by any means. Now, the world we live is another thing, i certainly don't need meat to maintain myself, i don't work with my body, etc. Why should i eat meat? If the human race wanted, we could definitely rewire our whole structure towards a vegetarian life, i don't understand why is that not possible. I agree with you that with the current structures many things do more harm than good, but not all things "artificial" are harmful. Of course like i said with our current society and systems, where we don't even have free energy or free access to water, a thing we all should have the right to, just as the air we breathe, is hard to keep your ideals.
  9. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Right, the same can be said about racial segregation...or any other (barbaric or not) ideas. Mercy and compassion are virtues in my book, maybe they are not "natural" or maybe they didn't influence the evolution of man as much as you think. Also again, i didn't point any fingers, nor i am morally superior to anyone because i don't eat meat, we all have our own opinions. Living a simple life is also "morally superior" and should be even more important than vegetarianism for that matter, but if you don't make any distinctions, you clearly have a nihilistic view of the world, and there's no point in debating much about anything then.
  10. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    We still miss the point...if one adopts a holier than thou mentality, that's another problem, just like many people think they are better persons than criminals. But that doesn't change the fact that taking a human life is still "wrong" and it does not have good moral value. These debates always end up with the same scapegoats arguments that have nothing to do with the main point itself. Saying that "what you eat has nothing to do with ethics, morality or being elevated" is like saying meditation has nothing to do with ethics, morality or being elevated. However, we can agree that all these acts if practised devoid of good intention and true contemplation/compassion are useless.
  11. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    No problem! I still don't understand why you are accussing me of not accepting the "taking of lives of plants". I eat plants because we can all agree we can't survive without them not because i find them less than animals. The discussion of vegetarianism is about animals not plants, it's why i don't eat animals not why i eat plants, we all eat plants. A frutarian diet is certainly dangerous for your health, Gandhi tried that for a while but couldn't cope i've read somewhere.
  12. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    If you've read my posts then you will know that i have compassion for both animals and plants, i consider them to have the same value as all living beings in this earth. Also, i didn't say meat eaters are more primitive in any of my posts. Cynical is to say why you eat plants, they have feelings too and that is what many meat eaters try to do, it's a cheap shot at most. It's certainly stupid if you ask me, they assume i don't care about plants, completely nonsense. I made a separation between plants and animals, just as you make a separation between animals and humans. I can give you points about my decision, can you do the same? You surely don't eat humans... I'm actually a very laid back vegetarian, i don't believe in activism, i don't really care what other people eat, and i can't certainly demand we should abolish the killing of animals, it should be an individual decision or a majority decision, we live in democracy. I try to not judge people, i was a meat eater for many years and i'm certainly no more enlightened or morally superior from being a vegetarian, just as i'm not better than a butcher, a thief or a murderer as a person. The problem comes when in a thread like this, in a spiritual oriented forum, people who actually understand all the logic and morality that these acts involves still miss the point and try to justify something that can't There's not a single valid or strong point against vegetarianism. They all revolve around the need for justification of a complete innecessary practice. Meat sure taste good! i can agree with that. Many who are concerned about how is not healthy to be a vegan or vegetarian, have no concerns in buying a Big Mac or eating tons of sugar a week...
  13. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    This is what i'm talking about, people who can't see anything wrong with that picture amazes me. Now i don't have many problems with organic farming, i concede it's a much better way to do this, i may be a vegetarian but i'm not a cynic. However the person who approves this factory that kills 4000 sheeps a day, with gas chambers and proceed to cut them into pieces and think it's perfectly normal and natural (like if this was nazi germany) can't be serious. And the "that's what is for dinner" justification is laughable at best, i'm sorry if i offend you. That's not in my dinner plate. Again, what if these were human beings? People compare animals to plants, with this pathetic argument that plants feel also (as if that changes anything for me) but to be honest the most fair comparison would be animals to humans (humans are animals actually remember?). What's the big difference between nazi germany and these modern day factory line killing machines? Maybe we are not allowed to see that part of the killing process, because it proves my theory like i stated before. Most people can't and don't want to handle that and are suppressing their own compassion for the sake of their appetite. That's all there is to it. Like i said, i don't think they have any problem showing the harvesting of apples or potatoes...and i have no problem doing that or letting others do that either.
  14. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Also, very interesting about the Inuit. Not sure if you could still be as healthy (would like to see how long they live, etc) but you certainly can survive on meat alone, i was wrong indeed. Either way, it doesn't surprise me, i am a vegetarian, but i think humans are omnivores, there's no denying in that, the human body is prepared to adapt and that's how we can survive in almost any region. Now, we do have a choice to eat much less meat, or none at all like me (and from your point, the same can be said about plants). However if you put evolution into perspective, the human race could change in the future if we evolve into a vegetarian species (granted, i don't see how that will happen in the next years haha).
  15. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

    Hmm, not really sure what you meant about that blog entry, perhaps you are confusing me with someone else, i didn't start this thread nor i posted any link, in fact i just posted my first reply to this some hours ago. Anyway, i can't deny what you said, the butcher certainly can feel different from what i described and it is an assumption from my part as many others. But to me (vegetarianism) it's still a very important part of the spiritual life. Perfection of morality is a center piece in all spiritual paths, even if we can agree that good and evil is a construction of the mind after all. And you are right, to me being a vegetarian is a superior moral decision. It's not that i'm more holy than you are. The act is what is important, and if it's a compassionate act with a compasionate intention behind, that's it. Now, being a vegetarian won't make you holy or more wise, or anything like that, it's just a medium, a cause, to create certain conditions in your existence. It's also important as you said, to be clear of guilt, if ones truly hates the killing of animals, then certainly can't endorse that and keep eating meat like there's no tomorrow, there would be a clear conflict there. What i assume (as you said) is that most people blocks compassion because of their appetite. I certainly believe that, even if you think otherwise. It's an assumption of course, and i'm very sure there are people in this world that are perfectly happy with that decision too.