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  1. Hi , I am a Qigong master in Toronto

    CCP have a "bible" written by Carl Max from German, my master point out some logical error in Max's books. Oh great qigong master! even if english is not good enough to speak philosophy given your 'deep understanding of the tao' have you noticed the curious similarities between the dialectics of tao Max-ter and the yin-yang of tao te king
  2. Why Taoism is different

    looks like the link to the meaning of god in taoism and its difference with the christian god got broken in my previos text:
  3. Scientific Taoism

    thanks feng resolved
  4. Why Taoism is different

  5. Scientific Taoism

    There is a lot of stuff presented by the physicists that I do not accept as being valid. But I do hold to the scientific method of observing and measuring where possible. Peace & Love! You belong to your civilization at the end of history science is also an ideology, NOT the experimental method discovered by Aristotle, but the scientific method imposed by Galileo, who affirmed after founding ballistics (latter known as physics) that we, humans, were imperfect beings, and should no longer measure the 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future, with our biological language, words, but use a machine, he had perfected, a clock, today evolved into computers, to measure time=change; a a metal-eye, he had perfected, the telescope, instead of our eyes, to measure space. Thus, mechanism was born, and visual artists of space and verbal philosophers of time were deposed as the high priest of human knowledge and the rennaisance ideal, 'man as measure of all things' became 'the clock as measure of all humans' (wages,). So we started to evolve machines and make man obsolete. Today we make robots to kill obsolete humans in labor and war fields. This is the present crisis. Before we had religions that worshipped man as the measure of all things. Now our brains are like those of a cell colonized by a bacteria, colonized by a language of nother tao species, the metal-machine. In this language of 0s and 1s, yns and yangs, all is modelled and measured by machines. Humans become obsolete. Physiists are the head of this obsolescence of t ehuman mind. The people i fight at LHC have won the battle. We lost the suits not because we were wrong, as we defended the paradigm of Einstein and the new paradigm of fractal relativity i helped to found, but because people CANNOT trust anylonger a human brain, more than a computer or a machine. Mediocre phsyicists feeding machines with data are prefered to people who do thought experiments. The problem with physicists is that they make weapons of mass destruction, all the weapons of history,, and that gives them the power of a 'king by the grace of the sword'. And the population with their colonized mathematical brains follow them. There is nothing else i can do... except venting my negative energy in this little room trashing with harmless wor(l)ds physicists. Bottom line we live a society based in power and metal is an atom stronger than ours, so we follow metal-information (the yin/cyclical coins of money and go(l)d that hypnotize us), we fear metal-energy (the lines of yang/metal weapons that kill us) and we adore organic metal (the yin/yang achines that transform energy into information, transport machines) or information into energy (mental machines). I have fought all my life to make people understand that man is the measure of all things, that the tao game of humanity and all its emotions chacrkas and combinations suffice in itself to make us happy, i have lost 25 years of activist battles. now the tao game of man is almost over. B ut till you see on Tv cern's black hole gorwing, in the new 'god' put in the altar of each home, you won't believve it.Yo wont understand that physiCists are merely yang/shivaite worshippers that made weapons and then decided to invent energetic/entropy/yang only theories of the Universe. Ever since, human artists and wor(l)d masters have been ignored, and yet they were always right. In that sense, as per my first post, Taoism ws killed in its highest development(Chou dinasty) precisely by thefirst 'techncrat' of china, the chin emperor who burnt all tose books borught iron and horses killed 6 million chinese and only allowed the printing of technology, a tao bum should know this and dont side with the wrong side of history
  6. Michio Kaku is just an opportunist who likes to treat science fiction themes a la hawking Tv celebrity. And off course, as per my last post, he 'spatiallzies time' and just cant understand as every other physicist non sense bum that there is more to the Universe that space, energy, entropy V=st (with -ct in einstein's relativity). This 'shivaite' sect which soon will destroy the world obviously cannot be stopped because manufactures all the weapons of mass destruction of history, but their pretension of understanding anything transcendental is exactly the same than a king for 'the grace of god', who are you kidding, grow up minions of thought. Penrose twistor's theory is more of the same bulls*it about spatialized time. he better would do reading aristotle. Your tremendous respect only shows your 'believer's' attitude, i believe there are still shivaite tribes in India who burn virgins. Hopefully you will be in the frontline at CERN to get your asshole *trou noir in french means black hole and asshole, not insult here* digested Here there is some truth. Bohm did sniff something about leibniz, relational time and the fact we are all made of fractal space/energy/yang and fractal information/yin/time clocks. 'Physicists are often wrong but never in doubt' Landau '2 things i deem infinite the Universe and the stupidity of physicists and im not sure about the former' Einstein 'Physicists are only interested in the canvas, not in the painting or in the painter' Nietzsche 'physicists think they are much more intelligent than they are because they can look the Universe with a machine they call a telescope' Goethe 'My biggest pride is to die virgin' Newton 'Women only reproduce their stomach' Einstein 'If my theory is wrong God should change the Universe' Einstein ' God is a clocker that have waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his' Kepler's 'beautiful mind' thinking the Universe was a clock because he measured i with a clock. If he had been a shoe maker the universe would be a shoe maker. retarded,, clueless people my friend, big boys with big toys, children of thought, perfect monsters... this is a post on the LHC and taoism so stop bull$hiting shoemaker's musings and stick to the theme. Discharge: given the fact that CERN'S people will likely blow me up in a few months without my consent, i allow myself to trash this shivaite sect with words which do not harm anyone, it is my morning exercise of negative energy exorcism, nothing personal steve...
  7. Scientific Taoism

  8. Scientific Taoism

    Taoism is about time, about what cannot be seen, as the tao-teking constantly repeats. You only see space, a dharma of present, taoism and budhism try to explore the laws that create the flws from past to future, the flows of exi=st=ence. Our civilization is the most opposite to taoism that has ever existed because o the influence of visual TVs. People have lost the capacty to realize hat what you see 'the tao that you perceive' is not the eternal tao, the flows of time. THat is what taoism is abut. When i see a butterfly, i see a game of colors andcamouflages hat the butterfly sends to the world, based in the code i explained, a game f forms, hat follows that game, a motion that has a cyclical or linea path, like the dance of a bee, to express the intelligence of the universe, what i see is a knot of communication tied to the rest f the Univrse, i dont see in fact, that is for physicists and german, wiesen, see, knowledge, for the western barbarian, i feel i perceive with the logic of time. To see is to perceive oly a present dharma, fraction of the total truth of the past to future reality that is consttly waving the web of existence. IF you are hAppy being Kiss it is obviously a valid option as long as you respect 'other waves=herds of existence' but a true tao bum goes beyond the magic taoism into the essence of this philosophy. What is left today is basically the remains of a forgotten culture, which degenerated very quickly after the arrival of 'the tree of technology', the Chin emperor, who burnt all those books. A true taoist would agree with Jesus in this: 'gifted those who wihout seeing believe because to them belongs the kingdom of heavens'. But as i said today our culture is about selling what pleases people. For example, i recall a conversation in Los Angeles with a very famous 'buddhist' guru that sells millions of books. I told him why he teaches 'energy' as the principle of his science, when the paliputra canon clearly considers energy yang, shiva, pleasure, the formless principle from where yin, information, vishnu, pain, the mind of god rises. He laughed. Of course, we agreed. How could you teach in california to all those brainless 'body-yangs' that true meditation is painful, that information, knowledge is painful, that a true guru meditates as a fakir does in a needle bed to raise the painful awareness of ex=ist=ence as a mere non-ego mirror, knot of communication with the infinite flows of pain=perception and pleasure=forgiveness that balance the Universe...
  9. clueless books, first 'the languages of god are infinite' mathematics is only the languae of space, the anguage of time is logic, physicists are only the high priests of space.; They eve spatialize time. WHen einstein says time is the 4 dimension of space, he is only referring to v=s/t, the study of 'motions' in space. Time is tao, change, and the 2 modes of change ae change in motion or physical tme andchange in form, or biological time. This ws already aid by Aristotle. Now physicists are so deeply ignorant and arrogan as the masters of yang energy and the creators of weapons, energy instruments, that kill, that they really think that all the changes of the Universe are motions, spatial change. SO the are clueless about morphological, bological, evoltionary change. Ask a physicist ho if time is only the 4 dimension of space, time evolves life. TIme is change,a taoist knew more of time thatll the retarded physicists of the XX century. . Penrose book is just a book on all the maths of all the bizarre theories of physics that nevvr go beyond what physics study, 1/2of the Universe, yang, energy entropy space. We are dealing with a sect of high priests who as the kings of the middle ages that could say anyhing because they hadswords, are allowed to utter full nonsense, full time, about their spatial idiocies, ad when you tel them, all this comes from V=s/t, a formula of time that glileo discovered shooting cannonballs, but time is much more than this, they look at you I normally deal with all kind of scientists, this is truly an arrogant ignorant baroque group of self-promotd big mouths bubbling nonsense, subventione by the military industry, con artists who should justdedicat their lives to do electronic gagets and shut up about the big questions. QUantum physics is about electrons NOT about the meaning of it all. Had no they make te A-Bomb nobody would listen to their idiocies. They are clueless about time, yin information, order. And then you put together both time and space, yin and yang. This is duality complexity (see my posts on scientific taoism) the XXI century science. String theory is just one of the many possible codes of cycles oftime and lines of energy c losed and open strings and as such oneof the many self-parallel languags that can explain realty but not more or less real than the zeros and ones of tis computer. All are mirrors of the absolute yinxyang game, the inormation x energy function, ExI=ExT=k, in that sense, the best of XX cenury physics is that formula of EInstein's and Heisenberg principles stillmisunderstood is from where you must depart to understand it all in the world f physcs. But physics is only the first scale of the complex universe, the simplest game of tao, what truly matters is to know how to buildfrom tha initial game all the scales: This kind of talk, which uses verbal and visual languages/codes of course is beyod the understanding of clueless computer-atachments, the so-called physicists, who only talks helanguage of machines maths, and yet he cant even understand te conceptual meaning ofwhat he says on those equations Ask a pysicist to edefine conceptually time or space or a wave THose are words they use and cant even explain. space/yang/energy/lineal motion and time/yin/information/cyclical motions have been understood by Leibniz, a philosopher better than all the pysicists combined. Now they are going to blow the planet, seeking the absolute yang/energy'/death/entropy/bigbang, and they really think that this is knowledge. 'Physicists are only interested inthe canvas not in the painter and the paint' Nietzsche. What is knowledge is to understand how from those 2 eternal motions, the game of in/form'/ation and energy, the two arrows of time=change combinedcreates the complex, fractal infinite beings of existene. The game i have been studying for 25 years, the taoist/dualist/dialectic gme of creation NOT OF DESTRUCTION. Those barbarians who will kill us soon are just boys with big toys. mostly germ(ans), the dicoverer of the iron sword people who entered history self-calling themselves goths, gods by theart of death, who kill life ever since and invented the quantum entropy theories that will kill us all. I SHOUT, i dish out my cosmic anger against all of you damned, eviL anti-LIve bums get out of the tao of existence i you wishbut dont drag all of us in your ignorance if you want to see it all in a film go to Now any physicist who disagrees, come on put up a fight, try to explain me what is time and space what s a wave, what is mass, what is energy, what is information, what is light, so i can laugh t you You have no idea whatyouare talking about, what the bleep you know? Nothng, only entropyand death because you are not the highpriestsof science, just mechanists who made weapons and invented theories of the Universe self-simiolar to the enrgetic weapons you were making, called mecanism, entropy and big bang
  10. Scientific Taoism

    The beauty of the 'Game of Existence', the 'tao te king' is that itcan be explained with all levels of cmplexity. The simplest way was the Chinese. They wre so new into the Universe they understood the simplest codes of yin and yang. Consider for example, the language of colors. Red/white energy, yang vs. black/blue information, yin which is in the Tao symbol. Ths simple code is in itself a whole language hat guides animal experience. The game, the generatrix, fractal euqation, E<=>Ti, and its infinite variations and symmetries might become extrremely complex, to the point that we have forgotten that wisdom as a Kaleidoscope multiplies images, but the essence was then clear. To iterprete the world you see you canjust use the simplest 2 languages, that of colors and that of frms yin/female/cyclical, broken in/form/ation male/yang/lineal energy.Observe around you cycles and lines in all form, you will see infrmative and energetic funcions all around you... The more cdes and games you decode, the richer will be your spritual experience in the intelligent Universe.2 pics show this simplest games. The most comple, mathematical and logic equations are not really needed to inmerse yourself in the relationships of 'God', the mind of time that creats the futre with the arrow of enery and the arrow of infrmation, the yang and the yin. Tao is a painter in 4 dimensions with 2 substances, each science calls it different, what Taoism or duality does is the opposite, to see what all sciences have in common. The space=energy=1=male=line=white=explosion=motion=body=force vs. the tim clock=information=0=female=cycle=black=imlosion=quietness=head=particle game has infinite self-similar codes, languages and forms. This creativity is what you must seek for through the percetions of paradoxes, symmetries, hidden meanings that surface in all... of couse most science today has lost the wisdom of those primary languages, only understand the simplestmathematical jargon 'the physicist is not interested in the painting or the painter, only the canvas' Nietzsche