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  1. Third Eye Sucking up Energy?

    Unfortunately I cannot say anything for certain in your case, but I can tell you for sure that I too experience the same sensation. I have never thoroughly worked on any energy practices other than focusing on my lower dantein area. I personally am at a point where I can intensify my focus on my dantein and my testicles will subsequently rise up. I also get an odd fluttering sensation within the "cells of leydig" (above my testicles). All of this results in a greater sensation in my brow chakra region (almost as if i have a unibrow with sawdust on it - this sensation varies from a cooling blue sensation to a rising grey sensation). I do believe it is time for me to seek out a master... The final advice of all inquiries seems to lead to the fact that only an in-person master can really guide you along your journey to ensure proper practice.
  2. I believe I can attest to the power of sexual energy retention. I have kept my ejaculations to a very low frequency, never more than twice a week (I have done this since march). I have been lively and healthy for as long as I have been limiting my sexual participation. Recently though I ejaculated 2 days in a row (2nd and 3rd of june) which really threw me out of my balance/moderation. Yesterday was a fairly normal day but the potency of my brow chakra sensation was greatly diminished (this is the only extrasensory sensation that I feel throughout the day). By the end of the day it was back to its normal potency but my head has been very feverish as if I now have a sinus infection. Dizziness and lethargy as well as a body ache - flu-like symptoms without the runny nose and sore throat (lets hope this trend doesn't continue). Today my head feels pretty swollen and the brow chakra sensation is very faint. I honestly do believe that this is all linked to the extra vitality that results from semen retention. Could anybody else attest to the power of semen retention?
  3. I was pleased to find this thread on the first page while preparing to share my experience. I have recently learned the pain of sexual desires. I always considered myself to be stable and moral - yet I was in a relationship that was founded on sex. What I found after 2 years of devalued sex, and a breakup that involved my woman quickly latching on to the next man in her life (sex twice within 5 days of breaking up), is that there is a strong spiritual/emotional/physiological convergence in the behavior of sexual intercourse. When you unwittingly focus and prioritize sex above other actions and experiences, the essence of the love that it is meant to represent is greatly diminished. My personal advice to all who may or may not see the parallels yet... sex is the root of all power struggles... without the perpetuation of life, we would not be here to chose between peace and war... therefore, hold your sexual urges at a level of value that parallels your deepest drives, values and intentions.
  4. a back-and-forth mind

    I feel as if "chi" is a disease in my head. I feel as if I've tried to train and tried to understand the MCO and i feel like maybe ive let "too much yang chi" rise to my head. My mind is in constant battle with itself, every decision i try to make is reflexively avoided as if "the tao" is pulling me away from bad choices. I have really dug myself deep into the problems of my life and im not afraid to say it - I need help from people that understand where i'm at. The only actual feedback I've received from my training is a very real and legitimate sensation directly between my eyes which feels as if i had a uni-brow with some dust on it I do believe i have made progress in my journey, but i need support because i am alone in my life and I am unsure of how to reach a legitimate master who can guide me. I want to be aware of my "micro cosmic orbit" I really need help so i can be content!!! - I've been soo wrathful lately. I am sorry for ranting - instead of instantly deleting this post and shutting down my computer as i am being desperately "inhibited" on doing, i will post in search of help
  5. Global Revolution!

    http://news.yahoo.com/senate-blocks-house-disaster-aid-bill-163747221.html Be prepared this week. I'm sorry to say - there will most likely be a sizable disaster by the end of September. :-/ Unfortunately it's a guarantee. Take care.
  6. Breathing & Head-Rush

    When I focus on the pure wonder of atoms> forming DNA> forming cells> forming tissues> forming organs> forming organ systems> forming human beings... I get a rush / sensation in the back of my neck/hindbrain area. Very real - completely physical. Feels like inertia or intensity - i suppose it feels like an abrupt gust of energy/air. I like to think that it is the very "life" within me becoming AWARE of itself via thought. Very fun - but I don't know if it's safe so I do not attempt to continue it. Sometimes in biology classes / bio-psychology classes it happens by itself due to the content of the lecture. - Makes me feel grand every time.
  7. I am to believe that some terrible things are to happen. I had a vision of California being damaged on the 23rd, somewhere along the coast. Although there was no disaster, there was an abnormal swarm of squid. This doesn't prove that I'm onto anything, nor do I hope that I am. - But if I am, and my beliefs hold true - this week will be a very difficult week for many many people. I offer you this information to prepare yourself in whatever way you feel necessary - I am terribly sorry if I have offended anyone or displayed myself as anything more than a compassionate human being. Please be careful.
  8. The point of no return comes back !

    I have been curious about the whole "feeling" energy concept. Are we all really feeling something without a doubt? (Not discrediting the idea!) The closest sensation I have been able to "feel" is a sense of inertia in the back of my neck when I imagine intense energy. Such as a cosmic explosion - while focusing on that idea of energy, I will experience a sort of rush/chill. What would chi feel like, versus jing rising? -I need a local teacher. Thanks.
  9. The 'tokens' I have returned with

    A distraction would be something that I do without purpose. Meaning to say, anything that I did not do on purpose. There are things I cant avoid, such as stopping at a stop light etc. but things such as getting on the computer to share my experiences - only is to feed my curious ego. With a divine purpose - my duty would be to sit in nature and allow my mind to meld with my body so I could better understand human potential. (Which is similar to what I'm studying in neuropsychology) I'm sharing information that is fairly useless. What it comes down to for me is that I can find purpose in anything I do... My journey is - determining what my ultimate purpose is so I can tie it all together efficiently, without focusing too much on the loose strings (distractions / things that are done without purpose).
  10. The 'tokens' I have returned with

    That is a journey in itself. I am working at it a couple hours a day; but the real distraction in my experience is the affirmation of purposeless duties. The tasks that I take part in each day that surface due to my purposeful duties. Distractions are in my life as daily patterns, even things that I do with purpose can be deceiving me. They may just be distracting me from a purpose that is more fulfilling. By refining my focus / attention away from my "distractions" I am actively identifying them as an undeniable part of my life. -By eliminating distractions altogether, the purpose would surface without interference. Life can be seen as many things; "Life is refined purpose waiting with patience for all distractions to subside before presenting itself in its fullest form."
  11. The 'tokens' I have returned with

    "Finding" was meant more in a sense of discovery; the way for me to discover would be for me to feel truth and love in the things I do. I have found neither of them indisputably, but the teachings of Taoism offer many suggestions on where I might discover truth - and sadly, the world is full of distractions, and until I am able to rid my life of all the distractions, the truth will be difficult to discover. That's a truth for me, but since I am not in congruence with that truth, I do not feel the love that it would provide. It seems like a balance of purpose and pleasure are the ratio for me to focus on at this stretch of my journey. Accompanied by daily attempts to develop a form of meditation that is effect for my busy busy mind. Almost precisely, to the extent of my limited consciousness.
  12. Hello, I am back again after nearly a year of growth and development, sadly - I have been searching within my own life experiences to find the meaning of my life as well as ultimately determine my purpose - only to find myself back where I was in my last conclusion. (This would suggest that seeking is my ultimate distraction.) I now know that declaration is a difficult action. I will be much more careful about what I am willing to declare. In my own regards - I have seen a glimpse of the primordial greatness that brought me to this world. I believe that it is where I will return to when my life here is over. As a piece of solid truth in my heart, I will use that fact to drive me through all of my life experiences. I am now a harder worker, a more patient person, and a more relatively aware being (aware is inaccurate - I regret using this word). "My purpose in life shall be known." I have developed my own means of bringing energy back to my life whenever I find myself in chaos or disorder. Between education (psychology/biology/communication), Discus/Shot Put/Hammer, and the constant pull of the eternal realm(my longing for knowledge of the "supernatural"); my energy/attention is forced to split in three or more directions. This has always been a terribly draining endurance. I have had a few short bursts of profound realization that have dropped the hammer of the gods on my soul. The realization was not of my ordinary world - but far greater, far heavier, and reverberated in my body for far longer than any other fact that has originated from my/the subconscious mind alone. This truth seemed to punish me for my incongruousness. If this experience were in the context of dialogue in the eternal/divine realm it would have been similar to this... My spirit revolving around aimlessly in the great creators pond; "Why why why, is my glory so hard to find find find" The creator offers his love and guidance to embrace my confusion; "Your world is that of energy - to find truth is to find love" This dialogue was not of words, but of emotions and truth. It was rather - the feeling and emotions associated with the experience of fulfilling your ultimate purpose. "Your world is that of energy - to find truth is to find love" This analogous truism is debatable in words, but immortal in divinity. As the first wave of truth hit me, it slowly radiated through my spirit until my spirit had reduced greatly back to its current state of confusion - still reverberating with a hint of divine truth. The truth that I pulled from the experience was very personal and by no means do I wish to suggest that my interpretation is the only. If I could so kindly offer though, that the message was to align the attention of your mind with the purpose in your heart. To align these energies is to align your corporeal purpose with that of the divine purpose. I now incorporate this short 'affirmation' (if you will) that reminds my ego to subside and be replaced with a divine purpose. It restores a divine drive to my life which is far more fulfilling than a temporary, egoic, corporeal purpose. [stop...(pause and fade into a glimpse of timelessness)] [Find purpose...(relate your task to the most glorious feeling/emotion you could possible pull from your experience)] [Remember where you originated... (The taste of wonder I was fortunate enough to savor - for you, it may be god, or - whichever experience / imagination / divinity you prefer)] [Know that you will return... (Solidify the fact that nothing in this realm of reality could ever cause you suffering for eternity, and all difficult tasks are corporeal - while divinity and salvation are eternal)] "Stop, find purpose, remember your origin, know that you will return." Although this does not zap me with energy and revitalize my being, it slowly reinforced the importance of determining my purpose. I do not wish to encourage you to use this. I do wish that you would encourage yourself to be true to your self. If a technique like this could be created by your self, I wish that you use that. Above all - I would be so happy to hear that there are some that have achieved higher states of balance and direction in their life, I know I am responsible for controlling my experience. I love to hear about the success of others. Enough for now, it's nice to be back.
  13. Masculine/Feminine Energies

    Although I know very little for sure of the polarity of yin vs yang, i can state that masculine and feminine traits are very acutely separate. For example, the bone has its strength and structure as well as it's marrow. Men are portrayed as the structure and the shelter while the women are perceived as the nurture. Yes, nurture may seem to yield a greater potential value, but without the structure and the shelter there is nothing but vulnerability. One must embrace the other as you know. - Side note - Men and women both produce different energies due to the hormones and expressions of emotions they exude. An understanding/flowing of these energies in balance is where the most potential value is held.
  14. When it comes to Chinese health concepts, what is the greatest piece of advice you can offer using 20 words or less?