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  1. New here... Hello All!

    Thank you so much! What a nice thing to hear! Peace and Light, Lotus
  2. Scientific Taoism

    Excellent! Namaste, Lotus
  3. women must learn to redirect their orgams too

    I couldn't have said it better myself!
  4. New here... Hello All!

    Thank YOU, Scotty. I hope to be recording again soon... I'm very excited to get the new songs out!
  5. New here... Hello All!

    Hi Scotty, thank you for the recommendation- I've never actually heard of the Hua Hu Ching so now I'm dying to go look it up. And my music, YES... it's at Crystal Casey Music I should put that on my profile, I guess... was feeling a bit shy but I think I can handle it. Thanks for your interest! Namaste, Lotus Marblehead, thank you very much for your reply. Peace to you, Lotus
  6. New here... Hello All!

    I just created my account here with my fellow Tao Bums. As my profile explains, I'm a recently married musician. I take most of my beliefs from Paganism and Taoism, but I also appreciate and take knowledge from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shamanism, Humanism, Agnosticism, and many others... I am very open-minded and am here because I would like to learn more about Taoism and communicate with like-minded souls. There is a little more about me on my profile- mainly, I just wanted to introduce myself and say HELLO!