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  1. The Humble Beginning of an Immortal

    Hello Everyone, I wrote and published a book on Taoism and Qi Gong called "The Humble Beginning of an Immortal" back in 2006. It was an instant best seller when it first came out and surprising it's still selling even today. I'm guessing there are still many out there wishing to remain eternally youthful and have a long fruitful life. The Humble Beginning of an Immortal is both about balancing Taoism's Three Treasures to achieve what the ancient Taoist Immortals had accomplished - Immortality (in others an extreme long life remaining young) and a self-biography of my journey of discovering these secrets to immortality. Quite contrary to misguided beliefs, you don't have to be someone of high importance or with GOD given powers to achieve immortality. Throughout the book, I keep repeating that I'm just an ordinary guy who was lucky enough to discover these ancient Taoist secrets. It is only my wish to share these secrets with everyone. "Knowledge is Power, but is made unstoppable when shared" Fact:The last immortal was Li,Ching-Yuen or Li,Ching-Yun whom is known as the last remaining Taoist Immortal in the modern world.Fact: Photographed in 1933, in China, at the time Li,Ching-Yuen was reported to be 250 years old. Fact: Li,Ching-Yuen was featured in TIME Magazine in 1933 Fact: I learned of the secrets through my teachers who were students of students of Master Li,Ching-Yuen. Since the "Proof is in the Pudding", I am inviting everyone to visit my web page www.lulu.com/normthan and see for yourself. Immortality is Possible! *Please note that the pictures have not been altered in anyway and were taken the year they are shown. (Please don't laugh at the hairdo, it was COOL at the time ) Without any scientific proof, anyone can claim they are masters of tai chi or qi gong or have special qi (chi) powers. Unfortunately, many a fools and their money have been separated because of one's inner need for power, greed or simply a need to believe. But within this rare book, I explain in detail and in plain English ( minus the Yoda or mystical mentality) the way of Taoism and outline ancient practices of Qi Gong used by Taoist Immortals to achieve.... Immortality. The quest for Immortality has been around since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden. But it was not until ancient Taoist priests laid out the steps written in this book to achieve it, was the secrets ever known I believe everyone has the power and ability to achieve immortality. You do not have to sell off your possessions on eBay or live as a hermit in a cave somewhere, heck, you don't even have to change your religion or beliefs, nor sit naked around a campfire in the woods singing "KUM BYE YA"! This is because Immortality is the Original Gift from GOD to mankind. And GOD has given us the Tree of Knowledge to retrieve what is rightfully ours. So I welcome those who dare to believe to come and join me on a path to Immortality! My sincere wish is that you enjoy the book and learn from it to achieve health and longevity (and of course youthfulness)! www.lulu.com/normthan Thank you very much for time! Norm
  2. Taoist Immortals

    Hello Everyone! Thanks for all your replies! It just goes to show that we can agree to disagree, and still grow and learn from others with different beliefs and understanding of Taoism (and everything else that falls under it) Instead of answering everyone individually, I thought it be helpful just give general answers at the beginning and once we all get comfortable, we can get into the nitty-gritty details. My teachers/styles First of all, my teachers were students of students of Li,Ching-Yuen or Li,Ching-Yun whom is known as the last remaining Taoist Immortal, who lived to be 250 years of age. (I know, I know... we can debate this till the COWS come home but lets leave that for another time). My teachers were pretty old and aged normally like everyone else. Even though they did not achieve the same type of longevity as Li,Ching-Yuen, they were wise and knowledgeable beyond their years. I have promised not to mention their names or styles. I apologize for being so secretive but it was their wish and I respect it. But one thing I can tell you is that their style of teaching and techniques were no other I have seen or heard of. Their teaching truly followed the Way of Tao! Remember, the first line of the The Book of Lao Tzu... "A Tao that can be named is not the True Tao!" One of my teachers said "Show me a master of Tao, and I'll show a master of the wind". There is no real master, or someone who knows the perfect form and way of the Tao. We are all mere dots in this vast map of the universe, our understanding is limited, to try and understand the limitless is a waste of time. My teachers learned what they could from their teachers and included what they understood, or their own personal touch and created their own style. Taoist practitioners have been doing this for centuries! In the end, one style is not better than any other but it best to have an open-minded, humble and informative teacher to guide you to create your own style that suits YOU! Li,Ching-Yuen has done this with his teacher, his students did that with him and I am doing that with my teachers. My teachings For anyone who has ever read my book or has been one of my students, they know as an ordinary guy, and this is how they should view. I hate to disappoint those who think I have some type of special power.... I don't! My practice tries to follow the Tao of Nature while living within a modern society. I try to incorporate my practice for my students to suit today's world so that they can easily adapt to their busy lifestyles. Of course, the more you perform my techniques/teachings the better results one will achieve. But I will strongly encourage everyone to only spend 1/2 hour in the morning and 1/2 hour at night. In this way you may go about your daily lives and still get the benefits of my techniques. We all have different goals in our lives but the overall purpose of my teachings is that we all balanced (mind, body and spirit) while we are trying to reach our goals. My future It's going to be 2010 very soon and everyone is a year older. I, myself will be 50 and still everyone are amazed of how youthful I keep looking. Is it strange to see my friends getting older while I'm not. To be honest, at first it freaked my out. But over time I got used to it. we all can be healthy, active and youthful looking if we choose to... I sincerely believe we are aging way too fast and that everyone should be living longer than they do. My hopes is that my teaching can open the possibility for everyone to live as long as Li,Ching-Yuen. Peace to all, thanks for your time! Talk to everyone soon
  3. Taoist Immortals

    Hi everyone, Several years ago I had written a book about balancing Taoism's three treasures to obtain and extend youth and longevity. The book is entitled the "Humble Beginning of an Immortal", which did very well upon it's original release and still being bought online today at www.lulu.com/normthan. So far I am able to accomplish this goal, everyone can simply visit my webpage at www.lulu.com/normthan and see for yourself. But my question is this... Do Taoist Immortals Exist? We have read many Taoist stories of Taoist Immortals. Taoist Immortals should not be be considered fairy tales be actual events that had happened. You see, ancient Chinese people view anyone who was able to achieve a very long life as being Immortal. This is because they view anyone who could do this as extraordinary. Back in 1933, Times magazine reports of an old Taoist practitioner who was photographed, that lived to be 250 years old. He was considered the last Taoist Immortal! The original breathing practice of Qi Gong was started by Taoist priests who wanted to remain youthful, healthy and live a long life. So my second question is... Have we (today's society) become so self-centred, materialistic, greedy and so single-minded that we don't believe in Taoist Immortals anymore? Do we all remember GOD's original gift to mankind? Yes, it was immortality! Even though GOD took that away, HE did give us the Tree of Knowledge to retrieve it (Immortality) back! Thanks everyone!
  4. A begginers book to tao anyone?

    Hello, I read your email with great interest as I am sure it applies to many people (whether they realise it or not) I've also gone through the phase to rediscovering Taoism and have written a book that may suit your level of interest of Taoism. This book is for the beginner and advanced alike. You may go to www.lulu.com/normthan to read about me and the Taoism book I have written to decide if it is the right book for you. I have been studying and practicing QiGong and Taoism since the age of 6 and have reached the level designated to me from my previous masters as "Xian" - quite simple Immortal One but you can look up this information yourself. There are many books on Taoism but the best way to know yourself and to learn and understand you need is to practice it on a daily basis. No one can teach you Taoism because, frankly, Taoism has no masters. Anyone of says they know Taoism or is an expert on it is actually saying they are the "Master of the Wind" - both are false! First, understand the original meaning of Taoism and it key principals and then try to apply them to your life. All the best!
  5. The Tao of Norm

    Hi Everyone, (and Ralis) My name is Norm Than. It seems like a lot of you folks out there had somehow got a hold of the link to my webpage about the book I had written about The Three Treasures to Immortality, and have requested me to join in your talk group... and so, here I am. I'm happy to share my thoughts with others who are interested in Qi, the Tao, Taoism in general. In case, anyone is interested the link to my webpage is www.lulu.com/normthan I am currently busy travelling but will occasionally drop-in and check into the talk group sessions and throw my two-cents worth! May everyone have as much happiest in their lives as I have in mine! Norm