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  1. Work ethic/career goals / Taoism?

    So if my goal is honorable and no one will be hurt by it, it is okay to push past the resistance? As I've said before, when I feel resistance, I am unsure whether to get past it with stronger effort or sit back. Often times the resistance makes me lazy and keeps me stuck.
  2. Work ethic/career goals / Taoism?

    thanks so much for the reply. I thought about this last night. So is it okay for me to have goals and challenges for myself in this world? Is it okay for me to work through the resistance or is that going against the Tao? I have alot of things I would like to do, but I just don't seem to accmplish much when I'm waiting for the resistance to go down. I'm just really struggling with going after my goals and working long and hard for them while maintaing the Tao.
  3. Work ethic/career goals / Taoism?

    What about when I'm feeling resistance (either in myself or outside of myself) to a task I am doing? Do I just push through with that? Is that consistent with Taoism? I feel this is where I am very confused. Thank you so much for your help!!
  4. I'm really struggling right now in my career and I guess my life in general. Further more, I'm having this philosophical conflict within myself that is preventing me from moving forward. On the one side is going with flow Taoism, which has greatly helped my anxiety overall. But I find myself too comfortable at times and engaging in procrastination, which has hurt me financially at times. At the other side, is the believe in the Puritan work ethic. Really going all out for what I want and breaking through resistance rather than molding with it. This is more painful. I just don't know what to do. Is there anyway to merge the two philosophies?
  5. Hello...

    I'm registered to get some answers from Taosim, and I hope I can find them!