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  1. What do folks here think about the afterlife?

    basically, one is from your family, one is from your land, one is from heaven. there are seven more in your Visceral . that is from Tao Qigong.
  2. for "I have not seen any Chinese documentation had mentioned the Milky Way." have u seen this image before, it is everywhere
  3. Chainese Name translation

    塞門 拉利 will be better
  4. Front channel: up or down?

    yes, peopel should not start MCO right way, work on Qi at Dantian first. in old Taoist Qigong, work on Dantian Qi only, (no sex for at least 100 days, and something else) . then Qi will flow to MCO by itself, from back to top then down from front, (so --- It is start from back, ) now, it is almost impossible to teach like that, so there are some form of MCO, but still you should start Qi at Dantian first. then go MCO.
  5. " Thing is Jesus and Buddha are just a concept to you an me. Really it means nothing." Jesus and Buddha : both of them are exist .... "I don't think you'll ever find the true science behind all this shit. LOL I saw a guy on TB called esoteric scientist, I saw good luck to him/her! All esoteric stuff is like that. At the end of the day thought can only take you so far. If you think critical thinking is God then just become a scientist and insulate yourself from reality." my master said: "if Ancient civilization and modern science combined, Eastern culture and Western culture combined, Inevitably lead to revolution in the life sciences" "According to Li he has unlimited "law bodies" that can see everything, and can change from the size of a pin point to the size of a building. They reside in some dimension we cannot see because our third eyes aren't open. Has anyone here got their third eye open? Have you seen one of Li's law bodies All esoteric stuff seems to promote that paranoid mindset. Thinking someone has something we don't (special energy, opened third eye). Like that guy in that other thread talking about that homeless guy he thinks is enlightened. Classic paranoia. Believing all that theosophical style shit = paranoid man." everyone has "law bodies" . everyone has 3rd eye, does anyone never have a dream? where those picture in dream come from. "Why the hell would you stick up for the communist party? I don't do it, but seriously I don't see how a group of qigong practitioners deserve the treatment they are being given." true "You asked for it. Li does say its not about healing or health and fitness but about higher cultivation AKA salvation. Personally I thought that was the true purpose of qigong so to create an immortal light body in the physical alchemical laboratory, not some cheesy health and fitness stuff." true, Qigong do give you a health body, fix health problem, if you would like keep going , it is about salvation.
  6. see white flickering after meditating

    it is a very good sign, having energy may be light of dan or starting of about to see by 3rd eye
  7. Meditation

    "what the benefits are and what different types of meditation there are, what the main goal of meditation is" there are lot a type of Meditations, as from the path of Tao, meditation lower dantian first, you put a few mind on that position, and Qi will follow to there, times after time, there will a Qi-ball called Dan, that will be the step one of meditation of Tao Qigong. if you have sickness, put your mind to there will fix health problem too. the benefit after you have Dan, you looks younger,/......
  8. Front channel: up or down?

    up back, down front but you have to have Qi at Dantian first, otherwise it called "turn empty river cart" in old book, work on Dan first, then MCO or, you know the way got Qi in mins
  9. Taoist Philosophy

    Hi Marblehead: you must be a Doctor at some University, He also talked about backward , and usage of Tao, For "unlearn" Buddhism also has a term " blocks of more knowledge" , means is someone has a lot of knowledge, when new knowledge coming, most of people will compare with learned knowledge, if there are contradiction, they will simply think this new thing is wrong. so, if there are something interesting , we should not to compare with what we knew, we should separate them as two system in our brain, after we fully knew the new thing, we can compare with the other set of system, then you put them two together, you will find a new world in front of you, large and better then two separated system, then keep go on .
  10. Taoist Philosophy

    反者道之动,弱者道之用。天下万物生于有,有生于无。 (after knowing Tao , knowing the way of Tao's running and ruling) to use system (rule) of Tao, you need go backward of the direction of flowing of those ruling. (if as my master said forward are human, backward are Xian). or "Reversion is the action of Tao;" (you can not force Tao or Change Tao), when you want use those ruling of Tao ( after knowing those ruling) you can weakly change and follow all the rule of Tao as you wish. everything under the heaven are born from exist, this exist is born from void. this is my understanding of this chapter , not sure right or not. 黄元吉Yuanji Huang is a famous Qigong master about 1000s years ago, he also comments This chapter in Qigong view. I guess no one can fully understand <Tao de jing>.
  11. Why do masters keep secrets?

  12. Taoist Philosophy

    are those copied from <Tao De Jing>. in Chapter 17 of < Tao De Jing > may talking about how to be a king, of how to leader in group persons, http://www.sumso.com/dkblog/handbook/ddj.htm#_ddjly