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  1. karma and original sin

    I guess the biggest problem is, that there is no understanding, what karma means. We pick the subject from a totally different culture, and the we try to explain it with the terms of our culture. Maybe that's the problem with most of the things around eastern ways. Karma is not faith, not a must do, not a punishment. It's your creating power. If you create stupid things, it's suffering, if you create nice things then it's nice. That's it. Enlightment is only beyond karma. Because karma connects only with a self. Who's karma is it?
  2. is who am i an irrelevant question?

    I met one of the rare awakend ones of Ramana's line (Ganga, Papaji's wife) and she said don't make it a practice! Ask the question only when you are really well, or really down in pain, and then you much more likely to stay with the answer. The "who am I" is not a mantra, nor a psychological practice, as many made it to be. It is for rare occasions, meant to be the final question leading to freedom.
  3. karma and original sin

    If you explain the original sin as loosing the awarness of your true self (whatever it means), it can be same. Buddhas 4 noble truth starts with: there is suffering. Originaly it's "bhava dhukha", where bhava means existing in dependence, and dhukha means, when the axis is not in the middle of the wheel. So karma of ignorace will follow us, until we get rid of the false identification with something dependent (ego), and find our center. But there is the buddha-karma after the enilghtment. That's why we have teachings. Because karma only means to DO. As long as there are intentions in you, you will have karma. And minor mistakes won't follow you around. Only if you do them again and again. According to the rice-plant sutra, you plant rice, you harwest rice, but if you don't plant it again, but cook it, there will be no more. An oversiplified explanation: You are poor. So you decide to steal. You do it, but you start to explain it: I'm poor, I have the right to do this. This way you give permisson to anyone to steal, and you feel poor, so you will be robbed, to be poor again. If instead of stealing you choose to give the little you have, it will give the feedback to you, that you have something you can share, so you will attract people who will share with you, and suddenly you feel rich. I know it sounds like "the law of attractoin", but as I see karma is just the the law of attracion. So this way you can change your karma. It is worth to be good. From the buddhist point of view there is only one problem with it. You are not poor, not rich, but beyond that. As long as you feel one of this identifications, you have the experience of the poor or the rich. In a way, there is a teaching: pretend to be a Buddha, untily you became one. Anyway my recomendatino: stop worrying about it!
  4. 2012 is not the end of the world

    Well, according to the palmleaf libary in India, it's not the end of the world, but possibly the end of the leading position of the USA in the world, and the dollar.
  5. sex

    Hi! As, you see I'm new here. I'm from Hungary.I studied buddhist philosophy, and on the level of practice a little bit of Vajrayana, Karma Kagyu and Dzogchen. And on the nontraditional level I work with awareness of intentions, and their effect on reality. "Conscious creation" We experienced pretty amazing things by it. Healings with energy, sometimes moving objects, and incredible punching power. But these things appeared mostly by "mind", the energy work is about intention, and letting go. Nothing stuctural, lot of intuition, and thrust. (Most miracles happend with my students, I just teach how to focus their intention, not to what...) So. I'm intersted in sexual cultivation, and experienced few things, but I felt that I need more info. Basicly, as I cleand up my issues on masculinty, it helped to be much more "present" during sex. So I developed, wht the ladys call a "magic touch" Sometimes I can grab the energy of the orgasm, and pull it higher (with 1-2 chakra) in her body, and one time it seemed that I opened her microcosmic circle in a "neverending" orgasm. But it is occasional, and stil I can cause, but not feel. I'm left out of the magic. So I decided to learn much more methodic way. I read Mantac Chia, it seems too complicated, and I read that it's not as good and complete as he claims. I heard some mp3s of David Deida, and his teachings where really in sinc with me. But I still need more on the energies, that he offers. So, anyone! Do you have a method you can recomend? Any teaching, teacher, perfereably I can reach from Hungary (via Internet, books, mp3 or film) And mostly is there any experiences than you can share? Is there a level, when you are really in balance, and not have the urge to ejaculate? You can really transform the energy to creativity or whatever? Are you able to experience the orgasm without ejaculating? Is there anyone, who did it, and is able to do it anytime, and is in controll? Thanks in advance for any experience sharing or advice!