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  1. Outer dissolving

    Thx for the refresher Jane!
  2. The B.K. Frantzis Thread

    In terms of sitting you want to keep your structure lifted and your insides sunk. You use your breath to open and close your body cavities or to make waves and stretch your internal cloth, well in advance of when you think it's going to get painful or misaligned. You can also breathe into surrounding structures and get them to move in small pulses and that can help open up the closed down areas. Another way is use your intention to make tiny circles and spirals into those uncomfortable area of the internal cloth. Hi Jane, I was wondering if you could go a little bit into the details about this. Exactly how do you breathe into a body cavity to open it or close it. Do you just bring your attention/intention to a certain spot?? I'm kind of new to this stuff and trying to learn as much about this as I can. Thank you. wip
  3. Around the Tao in 80 Days

    Yah it's like the bug is inside the screen
  4. Looking for some advice on my practice

    Thank you all so much for your insights and input. I def will apply some things you all have reccomended
  5. Hey guys, I was hoping if anyone had any tips for me. My right leg goes numb about 20 min into meditation and it forces me to cut my practice short. I would love to go longer and deeper into meditation but this is a problem that is obviously slowing me down. I sit in a half-lotus position and sit on the carpeted floor of my room. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Hello all!

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to meditation compared to some of the users on this forum. I have been practing simple breathing exercises for the past two years. About a month ago, I stumbled upon Bruce Frantsiz's 'water method' from SFJANE on youtube. I've had tremendous results w/this process so far, more than doing just breathing exercises. I hope to share my experiences with all of you and learn from your experiences as well!