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  1. Is Bio-energy Qi (chi) ?

    Is Bio-energy Qi (chi) ? Timothy Booth What causes the heart beat and the flow of blood through the veins and arteries? William Einthoven a dutch physician in and around 1906 discovered that an electrical charge builds up in the heart and discharges - causing heart beat and blood flow one small portion of a very complex internal bio-electric circuitry. Recently Dr. Robert Becker, author of the Body Electric, found a perineural control system corresponding to the acupuncture points in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at high conductance areas of the body. Also Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom has proven that ion currents flow through the body in preferential ion conductance pathways (PICPs) that are very similar to the Chinese Qi channels. These so called pathways make up a vascular-interstitial closed circuit (VICC) where energy flows in the mineral infused fluids in the vessels, connective tissue and extracellular (interstitial) spaces. This work is consistent with Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who found that an interactive conductance system of internal water and protein crystal lattice form an "energy transmission continua." In recents studies by the National Academy of Science a stimulus from an acupuncture point on one meridian created an effect in the area of the brain associated with sight confirming the ancient Chinese medical theory of eyes and sight. A group at the University of California and several universities in Korea found that this signal to the brain gets there faster than through the usual neurological circuitry suggesting that a wave is created through the internal matrix (perhaps Nordenstrom's PICP) to deliver the stimulus to the brain. The Acupuncture Meridians perhaps? For more quality info on these subjects go to my blog at
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  3. Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade

    Hi All Tao Bums! Just updated my profile etc. and wanted to invite you to my blog about Qigong and Tai Chi. There is a free copy of my first video available there. Go to Yours in the Way!! Timothy Booth