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    Meditation is also a form of qi gong exercise. It must be taken seriously and not for fun! If meditation is done correctly and regularly without any brute force for a long duration, in the case of men, their sperms (i.e., jing) will be thickened and congealed. It is important to treasure and preserve this jing and not frittered away. Whenever there is mental or emotional excitement, the jing will inevitably be affected. They should understand that, when their jing has reached the period of saturation, it may easily overflow, resulting in an inevitable emission; but they need not be particularly concerned about this, for they can prevent the emission and diffusion against further loss. Finally, it is by the alchemical process of transmutation of jing that the Elixir Pill is attained.
  2. "Real" Happiness

    ... it is wrong to suggest that one way is better than another. For "real happiness", the Buddhists travelled to the West, the Taoists to the East, the Christians to the North, the Muslims to the South, but the Confucianists says, "I'm not travelling anywhere. I stay put in the Centre". Be Happy! Miaoshan
  3. "Real" Happiness

    Yes, "real happiness" can be achieved by tearing down all barriers of suffering and disentangling ourselves from the sorrow and misery. Having extricated ourselves from self-delusions, we will naturally ascend to realms of perfect bliss. Be happy! Miaoshan
  4. Introduction

    Hi All, I came across your Tao Bums forum while I was reading the Yin Fu Jing by Akrishi and saw the link at the bottom for Taoist classics (free download). Without hesitation I registered as a member right away. Presently I am 69 years young and have been practicing Primordial Meditation for many years. Glad to learn from all of you. Best Regards, Miaoshan